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Jackson’s trip to Pinedale on Friday night showed just how much can change in seven days for a football program.

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Stunning firefighting success

I am writing to congratulate the interagency teams of wildland firefighters, air assets including the pilots, dispatchers, law enforcement personnel, EMS and all involved in the rapid response to the Saddle Butte Fire erupting on Sunday, Sept. 1.

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Last week's question: Should the Town of Jackson and/or Teton County ban balloon releases? Last week's answers: Yes. The Saddle Butte Fire may be an extreme example of the damage that can be caused, but balloon material is harmful to our wildlife and wild lands, 103 votes (52%) • Yes. Some states have already banned such releases; why not take the lead for Wyoming and ban them Jackson Hole?, 12 votes (6%) • No. How often does a group of balloons start a fire?, 15 votes (8%) • Seriously? No. The government needs to focus on the big issues in our community, not balloon release bans ... or bag bans ... or straw bans, 67 votes (34%)

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