Details for Do You Love Children? Sweet Peas LLC is currently welcoming

Sweet Peas LLC is currently welcoming a couple
more folks to join our incredible teaching team as
we gear up for the 2019-2020 school year! We
offer positions for all age groups, infant - preschool.
Ideal candidates have experience working with
groups of young children. They have always
chosen jobs that enabled them to work with kids.
They have a killer work ethic, oodles of energy and
patience, and a fabulous sense of humor. They
crave meaningful and rewarding work. They long to
surround themselves with like-minded colleagues
who are committed to providing an engaging
learning experience for our community’s youngest
learners. They are creative, outside-the-box
thinkers. Playful but disciplined. Fun-loving but
level-headed. Honest. Kind-hearted. Collaborative
team players. Ideally, they have a degree in
education or a child-related field. They are folks
who want a career without being stuck in a stuffy
office or retail shop. Full benefits offered, including
health, vision, and dental insurance and paid time
off. 4 day work weeks provided. Call to find out
more. 733-6580 or send a resume to