Second Amendment demonstration

Timothy Lee, of Alpine, and Rob Benedict demonstrate Saturday afternoon on Town Square in support of Second Amendment rights. A new bill to allow people to carry guns in gun-free zones has been proposed with widespread support in the Wyoming Legislature.

For the second summer in a row, Robert Benedict is hosting a celebration of the Second Amendment on Saturday on the Town Square.

“It’s not a protest, it’s not a demonstration, it’s not a rally, it’s not anything like that,” Benedict said. “It is purely a celebration.”

He invites anyone to join him at the gathering from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Broadway and Cache. Benedict, a British citizen, said he comes from a country where “freedoms have been eroded,” instilling in him appreciation for America’s Bill of Rights.

“It’s really to show that this community here in Jackson Hole loves America and supports the rights that we hold so dearly,” he said.

Visitors to Town Square should expect some handheld signs with messages like, “A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone,” free slices of “freedom cake” decorated with an American flag, and, yes, probably some guns.

Last year, Benedict said, 15 or so people hung out at the gathering in its entirety, but it was buzzing the whole time with people stopping by, asking questions and eating cake. He said the reception was “very positive.”

“We had people just stopping by and thanking us for what we’re doing and recognizing those freedoms we have in America,” Benedict said.

The event’s rules on ask attendees to avoid impeding road and foot traffic, to throw away their trash and to only conceal- or open-carry guns legally.

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Allie Gross covers Teton County government. Originally from the Chicago area, she joined the News&Guide in 2017 after studying politics and Spanish at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

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(5) comments

Christie Koriakin

Didn’t see any good guys with guns at these events. 34 people dead in the past 3 days.

Chad guenter

Ms. Koriakin, those incidents have nothing to do with the get together in JH town square. MILLIONS of responsible gun owners are just as saddened by the acts of psychopaths as you. The Gilroy incident was a "gun-free" zone in an anti-2nd amendment state (CA.) Good guys weren't allowed to carry their firearms. Most malls ban the carry of firearms, El Paso incident happened at a Mall.

You look at nearly ALL "mass shootings" and good guys are prevented from carrying their firearm at 99% of them.

Noah Osnos

It appears that Chad is effectively arguing for a much greater increase in gun control than we have now. He is probably thinking about how the 2nd amendment refers to "A well-regulated militia", and thus is noting that "the good guys with guns", who were at the Dayton massacre still were unable to keep 9 people from being murdered, and dozens from being injured.

Christie Koriakin

I misspoke in my original comment when I said there were no "good guys with guns" at the sites of the mass shootings. Indeed there were (police showed up within minutes in Dayton, an ex marine with a firearm was right outside the Wal-Mart in El Paso) but they were impotent against the weapons of war that killed so many, so quickly. At the very least let's make it harder for impulsive, mentally ill people to get guns. More background checks, instill waiting periods, and ban more military-style assault weapons.

bob culver


Distorting Chad's comment, to imply he is calling for greater "gun control", is at the least a disingenuous implication. You try to justify that assertion by then comparing the "good guys with guns" - the police on the scene at Dayton - with those who might be members of "A well-regulated militia".

First; The US Militia, since 1903, has been divided into two groups, the Organized Militia (the state militias or the national guard), AND The Unorganized militia, By definition, Unorganized Militia – composing the Reserve Militia: every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age, not a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia. That has been amended from time to time changing the ages and no-doubt including women. That means that Chad and me and Tens of MILLIONS of others in America are part of that Reserve - Even you. Those members are well regulated in that they are equipped and trained, they are well functioning, in all they need to be able to perform expected defense actions.

You slight the "good guys" by saying they were still unable to keep 9 people from being murdered. Please apply a little critical thinking before you jump in with statements like this. At least five officers were in the area of regular large public gatherings, probably acting and fueled by alcohol, at the Bar area in Dayton. This is an ordinary action at such locations - they were only feet away from the action and responded in about 20 seconds and neutralized (Killed) the attacker 10 seconds later. Watch the security video and watch the shooter go down under a hail of bullets. This was just about the ideal response situation, good guys with guns were present on the scene and engaged the attacker in the minimum possible response time. The fact is that the shooter started his attack outside of the club and drew attention to himself. Had he gotten into the club and THEN began shooting, the response time from Good Guys on the outside would have been slightly longer and more may have died.

The club was most likely a "Gun Free Zone", therefore Citizens bearing arms, the other "Good Guys", would have been prohibited from entry. IF a citizen with a gun had been inside the club when the criminal had displayed his firearm and began shooting, the response time may have been cut from 20 seconds to about 2 seconds. Possibly much fewer than 9 would have died.

It is clear that some people have an agenda and probably an aversions to armed Citizen defenders. It is any ones free choice to not embrace armed defense and armed Citizens. They are NOT free to attempt to disarm (or castigate) others relative to self defense. To stop another from defending himself, and by extension defending others including you, is Immoral.

Bob Culver

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