Think before you publish

I just asked my husband if he had heard about the massage therapist and the assault allegations against him [“Massage leads to arrest,” Jackson Hole Daily, May 20]. His response was to say that he thought the content of the article was a little too “descriptive.” Yes, just a little bit.

Just last week I was having lunch with my 11-year-old daughter, a friend and her son, who is 12. They were bored and we didn’t want them on their phones so I grabbed the newspaper for them to look at. If that had been this past Thursday, they would have had access to a front-page article describing digital and penile penetration.

Imagine the surprise, discomfort and unexpected introduction of these topics to a preteen girl and boy while innocently taking a look at the local paper.

Am I too old? Too conservative? Should I assume that the local free paper is not suitable for individuals under a certain age? Should there be a rating on the front of the paper? A warning label?

In my opinion, simply stating that a local massage therapist is facing allegations of inappropriate and/or sexual conduct would have been enough, perhaps with a link to an online article that described things in a more detailed way that is not as easily accessible to young children being introduced to reading the paper instead of playing on phones.

Just a thought.

Please say that I am not just “old.” Ha, ha!

Gloria Courser


‘Massage’ headline misleading

I am a resident in Jackson, and I saw the headline on Thursday’s daily paper [“Massage leads to arrest,” Jackson Hole Daily, May 20] and wanted to let you know that this is misleading and dangerous for women and others vulnerable to sexual assault. It wasn’t a massage that led to the arrest, it was sexual assault. This headline is victimizing the abuser and places the blame on the victim. I hope you take my concern seriously and carefully consider the language you choose to use when describing sexual assault.

Melanie Schuerch


Was Cheney’s ousting deserved?

Did Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., get a richly deserved boot from her House GOP Conference on May 12? A variety of viewpoints were expressed in the front-page article by Billy Arnold titled “Cheney out; views mixed” in the May 13 edition of the Jackson Hole Daily. Let’s consider a few others.

Some say the Republicans should be laser-focused on winning back the House and Senate in 2022. Some say GOP leadership should be fighting against President Biden’s destructive policies — those at our southern border, in the Middle East, and at home with Big Tech’s takeover of freedom of speech and thought.

Closer to home, some believe Cheney should be fighting against the federal moratorium on oil and gas leasing that really hurts Wyoming. Many Americans are very concerned about the possible inflation, increased taxes and stagnation created by the Big Spending agenda from the Oval Office.

Yet, during the past few months, Cheney instead chose to prioritize making a constant media splash trashing former President Donald Trump, trashing her GOP base and eviscerating anyone who questioned the shenanigans of our election last November. As she shuts down anyone who disagrees with her, Cheney too often sounds like a self-righteous spokeswoman for the Democrats and their talking points.

I voted for her the last two times. Now I’m deeply concerned that she is more concerned with fighting a personal grudge crusade than caring deeply about the state of Wyoming. Trump routed Biden in Wyoming, with his 69.94% vote share making it his strongest win in all 50 states. However, it appears that Cheney has chosen to waste enormous energy on a bitter vendetta rather than do her job by supporting her party and Wyoming voters. She chose to undermine her conference as well as engineer an inner party civil war, thus creating discord, division and distraction. For that, on May 12th, she reaped what she sowed.

I deeply question if she is the right fit for Wyoming now. Some say she knows her future doesn’t lie in Wyoming but the D.C. metro area, where she lives and spent most of her growing-up years. It’s there she learned the ways of the D.C. swamp. Look at her fundraising. She gets big bucks from non-Wyoming corporations and from Never Trumpers. Her mega attention is from Democrat/progressive-leaning TV.

Is she fighting for Wyoming’s conservative interests, such as our Second Amendment rights, our freedom of religion and for our coal industry as China continues to build coal plants? Is she fighting to get the Keystone Pipeline back on line to keep our country energy-independent? Is she fighting to keep critical race theory out of Wyoming public schools, an indoctrination that teaches our young folks to hate themselves, the USA and our founding principles?

In the end, maybe everyone gets what they want: Her replacement, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., can reenergize the big-tent House Republican Party. Cheney is free to pursue her disputes with the guy at Mar-a-Lago, and Republicans are free to counter the policies of the Biden Socialist Agenda under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and to win back Congress. I believe the latter is what the fine folks of Wyoming want now and for the next House primary.

Anne Goode Stalker


Wyoming’s rep should resign

Kerry Drake’s opinion that “Barrasso’s failure to defend [Rep. Liz] Cheney against House Republicans who want to remove her as the GOP’s conference chairwoman is a profile in political cowardice” fails to recognize that Cheney’s vociferous damning of former President Donald Trump does not represent or support the fact that 70% of the Wyoming voters in the 2020 election voted for Trump [“Barrasso’s snub of Cheney shows political cowardice,” Jackson Hole Daily, May 12]. Cheney states that she must, and had to, “vote my conscience” with regard to the second impeachment of Trump.

She was elected to represent the people of Wyoming. If her conscience conflicts with the will of the people she was elected to represent, then she has two choices: vote the will of the people, or if she cannot do that because it would violate her conscience, then integrity and ethics require her to resign as the Wyoming representative. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., is absolutely right in not defending Cheney because she does not faithfully represent the wide majority of the people of Wyoming. If she wants to “do everything I can to keep Trump away from the Oval Office,” she must do that as a private citizen, not as Wyoming’s representative.

Albert Bendure


US society far from racist

The leftist Democratic tactic of silencing free speech by blocking speakers, a cancel culture in the workplace and social media banning is a detriment to our republic. Some cancellations stem from a fallacy of systemic racism. We do not live in a racist society.

Racism is defined as an institutionalized system where a race of people would regard themselves as superior, find other races inferior and implement policies to hold a group down based on that assumption. Where in our country is that present today? The Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts of the 1960s made it illegal to discriminate based on race, gender or religion. For 60 years we have been supporting minorities in this country with more than 400 federal programs, which they receive at a higher proportion than their population percentages, along with federal hate crime laws. We have diversity ratios for corporate boards, college admissions and Academy Award nominations as examples.

Would a racist nation do that?

If a guy from 1950s Jim Crow turned on a TV and was told this is a racist country, he would die laughing. Yet our president will call election integrity laws in certain states worse than Jim Crow. Does he not know his history? Take a walk on any campus and ask the kids who they admire and overwhelmingly persons of color are mentioned. They are intertwined in our culture. Thousands cheer on predominantly Black sports teams. We have the highest number of Black millionaires and billionaires in the history of the world. Ninety percent of legal immigration comes from Africa, Asia, Mexico and Central America. Almost 100% of illegal aliens are persons of color. Why would a racist nation allow that? Why would they come to a racist nation? Why would former President Donald Trump brag about record-low Black unemployment? Why would there be a need for racial hoaxes like Jussie Smollett’s if there are so many examples of racism?

Biracial relationships are at the highest ratios in history, as is approval of them. We have interaction in our free-market economy of diverse people every day. If tyrants threatened our freedoms we would see how no one cares about the hue of the guy in the foxhole next to him as long as he is an American. Democrats promote this narrative and control every institution in our country — the media, education, cinema, TV, journalism, sports and social media are all run by Democrats. Urban cities have numerous minority mayors, council members, police chiefs and education boards and have for decades. If this racism were true, are they culpable?

Presently the communist Black Lives Matter movement, politicians and the mainstream media have gotten the whole country to buy in to this false narrative of racism using police enforcement. The FBI states that in 2019 there were 10 million arrests in the country leading to 1,004 fatalities. Out of those homicides, 12 unarmed Blacks were killed by police and 26 unarmed whites. Hardly an epidemic. Our capitalistic CEOs are virtue-signaling and contributing money to a contrary communist organization that would like to eradicate capitalism and our Western civilization nuclear family unit, as well as hasten their change via riots.

The worst of all this may be the Marxist critical race theory that is curriculum in K-12 schools and our military teaching everyone that we are an ugly country with an ugly history.

What makes those who are normally silent seek to be heard is that, if repeated enough, this becomes truth and the attack has brought accusations against people for the sin of being born of European ancestry with an unconscious bias. It has taken some struggles, yet the promissory note from our founders that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of is here in the eyes of many. Our Democratic Party, media and other organizations do not want to point that out.

Mike Hornbuckle


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