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In Girdwood, Alaska, we’ll long remember the snowstorm of Dec. 6, just two months ago. But it won’t be for the school cancellations. We’ll remember it as the night dozens of residents traveled on a snow-packed highway to testify at a public meeting — about housing.

Moab, Utah, gets just eight inches of rain per year, yet rainwater flooded John Weisheit’s basement there last summer. Extremes are common in a desert: Rain and snow are rare, and a deluge can cause flooding.

Many Western states have declared that they will achieve all-renewable power-generation goals in just two decades. But haven’t energy experts predicted that wind, sun and other alternative energy sources aren’t up to the job?

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Wyoming could make long-overdue advances in juvenile justice next year if it’s willing to spend unexpected mineral tax revenues to fix a broken system that has historically locked up young offenders at a higher rate than most other states.

When Colorado passed its “Red Flag” gun safety law, called “Extreme Risk Protection Orders,” in 2019, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder announced his opposition: “I am exploring all legal options and am vigorously challenging the constitutionality of this law,” he declared.

The Powder River Basin Resource Council, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Western Organization of Resource Councils and Natural Resources Defense Council have petitioned the Bureau of Land Management to make the oil industry responsible for cleaning up after itself by modernizing bonding requirem…

Every Thanksgiving, my family asks everyone around the table to say what they’re grateful for. It puts new guests on the spot, so sometimes they just thank the hosts — an easy out that makes it harder for anyone else struggling for a good answer. I’ve been in that position, but this year I k…

For the past few weeks, dozens of turkey vultures have been circling on thermals over my house in Oregon, preparing to soar away south into California. Not long ago, I saw a late monarch butterfly passing high overhead, its orange wings incandescent against the blue sky.

Every state in the West has some type of law declaring that its waters belong to the public. But what this means is disputed, and several state high courts have had to decide cases that pit streamside landowners against paddlers and anglers.

Imagine you were part owner of a nice piece of rural land, maybe with a trout stream running through it. But your neighbors won’t let you in. You don’t have to imagine, because access to far too much public land is legally blocked by private property owners, causing headaches throughout the West.

The first time I saw an electric bike — better known as an e-bike — I was struggling up a hill. Suddenly, a silver-haired man wearing city clothes came whizzing by. I felt a wave of envy as he left me in the dust.

It’s not always easy living in the rural West, with customs so entrenched that everyone takes them for granted. What makes it hard for the newest newcomers is that they’re caught up in a mysterious culture.

A section of the North Platte River that snakes between Gray Reef and Casper boasts some of the best fly-fishing in the nation. Anglers come from all over to catch trout in a picturesque location that’s close to town but far from the crowds. It’s an area that is coveted by far-off fishermen,…

We know now that the largest recorded fire in New Mexico’s history was started by an escaped “prescribed burn,” or rather by two. The Hermits Peak fire bolted away on April 6 when unexpectedly gusty winds blew sparks beyond control lines. Then the Calf Canyon fire raced off on April 9 when s…

Early in the COVID-19 epidemic, I visited the Bison Range on the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwestern Montana. But the bison didn’t get the memo about social distancing.

It was late November in Alaska and a lousy day for deer hunting. Rough seas rocked our small boat, and when we finally stumbled ashore in Squaw Bay, we found another hunter already there. With just six hours of daylight left, all we could do was sit, watching and thinking.

Two recent announcements from the federal government illustrate and exacerbate the inherent and long-standing tension between Wyoming’s natural-resource-based economy and ill-conceived, nonsensical federal policy.

National parks have been getting a lot of love since the pandemic struck, so much that this summer you need reservations at many. For example, you must make a reservation just to drive Montana’s legendary Going-To-The-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

This column addresses suicide and suicide attempts. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, you can call the Wyoming LifeLine at (800) 273-TALK (8255) or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 (TALK) for help. Local resources include the Jackson Hole…

The end of the legislative session marks the beginning of election season, and we are already seeing the signs of coming campaigns. The first political advertisements are emerging online. Aspiring candidates and incumbents are making noise as they evaluate whether to run or run again. As we …