A handful of protestors shouted questions to U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, as they boarded the Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on Monday evening. 

The White House couple is attending what Politico reports to be an annual retreat for top donors and political allies. The soiree is being hosted by House Speaker Paul Ryan at the resort's Piste restaurant. 

Paul Ryan at JHMR

House Speaker Paul Ryan walks to the Bridger Gondola to attend a fundraiser with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on Monday at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Resort security threatened a News&Guide photographer with trespassing and made him leave the base area before the group boarded the lift. Photographs and video provided to the News&Guide by members of the public sitting at the base of the gondola show Trump and Kushner walking by, followed by Ryan.

The small group of protesters from JH Activate shouted questions to the president's daughter and son-in-law and asked them to protect the environment. At the end of the video, one person can be heard yelling, "Ivanka's complicit," before telling them to "enjoy the mountains."

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, walk to the Bridger Gondola on Monday evening for what Politico reported is an annual retreat for top political donors hosted by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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Managing Editor Rebecca Huntington has worked for newspapers across the West. She hosts a rescue podcast, The Fine Line. Her family minivan doubles as her not-so-high-tech recording studio.

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(16) comments

Chad guenter

The entire Kushner clan have been either in jail or indicted for various "white collar"/money crimes.

Jared and Ivana should have never been allowed a single shred of official access to the office of the President.

A family of criminals.

Noah Osnos

While there are always confrontationAl and adolescent comments that pertain to anything political, it can be noted that (a) Wyoming is a net recipient of Federal funds (to quite a large %), and (b) there is a great benefit to adult conversation when one is aware of history and fact. Apart from that, don't forget to vote today!

rich quinlan

Surprised Jared didnt wear his flack jacket and helmet. Yep us liberals just work while watching the majority of our federal dollars pour in to support RED states whose sorry policies punish their own voters.

James Clevenger

Wyoming is a Red State


Wyoming is a red state! I'm grateful to President Trump and his family for the hardship's they are willing to face by the public & media to make great changes in America! I say, Welcome to my home, I was born & raised here and a 3rd generation native. Most of the nay-sayer's are not from Wyoming and they are welcome to go back home any time!!!

Ken Chison

Rich. I really doubt that your job at the Shoe Store and the taxes you pay make any difference. Have you really ever paid federal income tax?

rich quinlan

Ken , folks try to ignore your dueling banjos mentality but if you must try to insult folks directly expect to be called out for the ignorance you display so freely .

Chad guenter

Paul Ryan isn't even running for re-election. The beauty of the Tetons will always attract certain Blight, in the form of politicians, banksters, hollyweird elite.

The Kushner's cant remove themselves from this area soon enough.

Ken Chison

Where do all these libtards get the time for their protesting? Oh, I almost forgot. They don't have jobs. Yet Ivankas father has brought unemployment to it's lowest point in decades. Maybe if they went and got jobs and started paying taxes they would praise how great a man ivanka's father is.

Christie Koriakin

Fake news! I have multiple jobs and pay plenty of taxes.

James Clevenger

Bet you are not from Wyoming


I agree Ken Chison, great comment!

Sam Campbell

Yep, no liberals are gainfully employed. Those unemployment numbers- look at a graph of unemployment rates over the last dozen years- they have continued to fall at pretty much a steady rate since 2010 when the recession turned around. I wouldn't brag on that number too much as an accomplishment. Given the enormous tax break for corporations and the uber wealthy that dumped a bunch of money into the economy, paid for with a credit card in our children's names, I would have at least hoped for that rate of decrease in unemployment to speed up a bit, but the trend is steady with a few upward blips.

Terry Milan

For people actively seeking jobs the environment and availability of employment hasn't been this good for a long time. I stay of words like ever because it's subjective. However, those who don't choose to participate in the workforce tell a different story. The workforce participation rate is dismal and continues to run at Great Recession level. Part of this is due to the Baby Boom exiting the workplace. However, if you see a lot of people with nothing better to do than protest and they aren't in the geriatric age group, then you might assume that they have lots of time on their hands. They "tax breaks" for corporations, as you call them are tax equalization. It's real dumb to sign free-trade agreements with countries whose corporate tax rates are 14% below your own. Part of the current labor rate story is contingent on corporate tax equalization with other countries. The labor market has benefited, however, take-home pay has seen small improvement. Bottom line is that we are still in a global economy and real wage rates versus inflation have actually declined. This has happened over decades now. What I am saying is American labor expectations have to adjust to the costs in foreign labor. The good news is that foreign labor expectations have adjusted too. In places like China and India, their work forces are demanding more to support a better standard of living.

Ken Chison

Great post Terry. it is true that many people are exiting the workforce but the number one problem is there is nobody skilled to take these jobs. Anybody that can work with their hands should have a job right now. I see it constantly in the electric utility business to where we have no people to replace the ones exiting. Yes, you may need to leave Jackson Hole or other places but there is gainful employment and a lot of money to be made. 6 digit incomes are not out of the question. But it requires hard work and being in the elements. The low unemployment rate we are seeing now is directly because of the great President Trump. the mindset of taking us down to the level of everybody else in the world, like the last Administration tried, is over. Now, other countries around the world are trying to bring their labor force up to our standards. My how the tide has turned. Sure, your dollar item from the dollar store may now costs $2. But, hopefully it will be made in America with American labor providing somebody with a great income and responsibility. They won't have time to go out and protest stupid things.

Terry Milan

Ken, I have just helped the workforce participation rate. In reality, there is only so much of this retirement poopoo (the other word flagged as profanity) that one can take. I have done every fix-up and repair that I can find. Not easy, but I can find something and work from home in Jackson. You are right, skilled labor is hard to find and I am seeing a lot more resources from India on-site now. These people are skilled and educated. I get the impression that many don't feel appreciated here, but they are hungry for work, work hard and appreciate the opportunity. If we can't fill the workforce with skilled labor, then industry will find away; either bring people back from retirement or bring someone over. It's hard to appreciate our life until you have seen someone else's. Jackson Hole is a walled-off home for the wealthy. A far cry from anywhere else and people take it for granted. In reality, the world doesn't know what happens in the square and the people in the square won't meet many recruiters there. I figure they are in the square because recruiters are relatively low priority.

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