Bradly Watsabaugh

In body camera footage from July 2016, Brad Watsabaugh refuses to take a citation from Teton County Sheriff’s Deputy Kirsten Larsen.

Judge James Radda, of the 9th Circuit Court, has recused himself from Bradly Watsabaugh’s traffic case after Watsabaugh filed a brief that includes some wild accusations.

Watsabaugh, who is a self-proclaimed “private national,” was supposed to go on trial today for various traffic infractions, but the trial has been delayed and a new judge appointed.

Watsabaugh filed what he titled a “bill of exceptions,” in which he refers to himself as “the affiant” and the court as the defendant.

“All actions brought forth by the public trustees in this matter are fraudulent, unlawful and at the very least in violation of due process,” Watsabaugh wrote in the “bill of exceptions” filed in Teton County Circuit Court. “Therefore your cases are void and must be vacated and remedy provided.”

Watsabaugh was pulled over in Teton County in July 2016 for driving with a homemade license plate. When he refused the citations he was arrested.

Watsabaugh appealed his citations to the Wyoming Supreme Court, but justices denied his request to dismiss the infractions and said it was appropriate for the case to be resolved in Radda’s courtroom.

After Watasabaugh skipped a court date, a warrant was issued for his arrest and he was picked up in Sublette County in April for failing to appear.

Since then he has appeared before Radda twice and each time he has argued about the state of Wyoming’s authority.

“You are wasting the money of the people of this state, and you are wasting my time and energy,” Watsabaugh told Radda.

Radda refused to dismiss the traffic charges against Watsabaugh, which include driving without insurance, driving under suspension and driving without valid registration, and set the case for jury trial.

Watsabaugh, a Jackson native who now lists an address in Daniel, renounced his Wyoming driver’s license years ago “for spiritual, religious and personal reasons.” However, he doesn’t claim to be a sovereign citizen.

“Affiant does not allege to not be subject to the laws of Wyoming,” Watsabaugh wrote in his bill of exceptions. “Affiant makes no claims to be a sovereign citizen and any use of such against affiant is treason to Wyoming and the United States of America.”

Watsabaugh said he removed himself from the government system in 2014 after officials took away the house he built on Budge Drive. He sent notice, he said, to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office and the Wyoming Department of Motor Vehicles alerting them to his canceled license.

Watsabaugh said Radda is discriminating against him.

“When James Radda, the prosecution, and the state of Wyoming discriminate against affiant for my political choice of being a de jure citizen of Wyoming, where is your allegiance to, and how are you not committing treason?” Watsabaugh wrote.

Watsabaugh said his role as a “private civilian on the land of Wyoming” is being overlooked in favor of “Radda’s preference, assumption, and personal determination, without any evidence of such, that I am a de facto citizen subject to his whims, rather than protected by the constitutions which he swore an oath to defend.”

On July 16 Radda filed an order vacating the trial.

“The defendant, under oath, accuses the court of discrimination against him for his alleged political choice of being a de jure citizen of Wyoming; partiality against the defendant; prejudice against the defendant; and collusion with the state,” Radda wrote. “The matter is hereby assigned to the Honorable Robert B. Denhardt, 9th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge in Fremont County, for the limited purpose of ruling on the motion.”

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Chad guenter

"The land of the Free and the home of the brave".....

That's the US claim to fame right? When people like Mr. Milan say, "if you don't like it, leave/go somewhere else". Maybe he and others like him should be the ones leaving for a communist dictatorship if they dont appreciate Individual Liberty and Freedom.

Chad guenter

This Entity ("the State"), that Mr. Milan and Mr. Kardas put so much faith in, CHOOSES for it's leaders some of the most morally corrupt individuals that have enriched themselves off the lives of others. They claim absolute authority over anyone under them.

Mr. Milan and Mr. Kardas openly and proudly endorse just another Monarchy under a different name, to Lord over all it's subjects.

Chad guenter

Remember, there was no "victim" in this case. No other human being was harmed by Mr. Watsabaugh's failure to obey the State's demands.

I urge anyone willing to look at this case with an unbiased mind, read the works of Lysander Spooner. Natural Law/Human Rights is what this case is about, NOT the arbitrary dictates of politicians(see corrupt), written on paper....

(the laws of man)

Comment deleted.
Chad guenter

And your call for the confiscation of his firearms, is exactly why YOU would have a Tory. The Government is your King and any defiance of it is not to be tolerated, no matter Natural Law/Human Rights.

Comment deleted.
Chad guenter

Mr. Kardas, I guarantee, that at the time you would have been a Tory and you would have called those championing individual freedom(Patrick henry, sam adams, john hancock, paul revere, etc.) insane. I am positive "Give me liberty or give me death" "Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you", are quotes that you would insist the speakers of, be institutionalized.

Chad guenter

I would like to know what Mr. Milan and Mr. Kardis think of the Founding Fathers of this nations Sanity??? As this victim of "The State" espouses the exact same ideals of Freedom and Liberty that this nation was originally modeled after. State sponsored brainwashing has conditioned the public to openly welcome the chains of slavery, with a "Democracy" as their master.


They wanted to break away from Brittan and form their owned elected government, which they did. They gave States the right to make their own laws, collect fees and taxes for support. The Federal Government was given the right to raise its own taxes for national interests. The Federal Government can also assemble it's own militia and the states must contribute to the national defense, hence the draft was enacted during the Civil War. Where as, the Second Amendment states that citizens have the right to bear arms, there is no such right to a motor vehicle. So licensing a motor vehicle is a privilege granted by individual states and not a right and the privilege can be revoked for various reasons. One reason is failing to contribute to the welfare of the highways and byways. Not being a citizen doesn't entitle him to Constitutional Rights, thus as Mr. Kardas states, His right to have a firearm should be revoked. They might want to refer the case to Quantanamo where they have experience trying non-citizens. I guess you know my feelings. If you can find a better Democracy, go there. But I am not aware of any place that accepts "private" nationals. So he should at least get a passport. I don't think a cardboard one is going to work..

Chad guenter

Mr. Milan: Analogy to the 2nd Amendment, falls directly into the hands of those that say the 2nd Amendment only applies to flintlock rifles. The Natural human Right of freedom of travel has been recognized for over 800 years. Also many of the founders of this nation that were instrumental in breaking free from Britain despised the new Monarchy being forms under the titles "State and Federal Government", and insisted on the Bill of Rights. Not foreseeing the automobile they didn't obviously feel they needed to protect an individuals right to a horse.

Statists will ALWAYS argue in favor of individual "privilege" over Individual Freedom and Liberty and the pursuit of it.

Chad guenter

Mr. Milan: You have a fundamental breakdown in understanding of the Constitution, illustrated by the statement... """ Not being a citizen doesn't entitle him to Constitutional Rights""""

If you DID have a sound understanding, you would KNOW the Constitution is supposed to protect Rights that are "unalienable" and are "endowed by our creator".

Please try to start learning the principles this nation was founded upon, before you speak of "Constitutional rights".

Steven Kardas

I agree. These types of people work themselves up into a rage with real or imagined problems so they can justify lashing out. Watch out folks. I think the judge recused himself just so he did not have to deal with the man anymore. The judge has not performed his appointed duties and skipped out.

Steven Kardas

At this point a judge, any judge, should have this man taken away to jail immediately and have a few court appointed psychiatrist grill him on his sanity for a few months. Mr Watsabaugh is just delaying the unavoidable certainty that he broke the law. He is a trouble maker and is looking for trouble. He sets himself up to intentionally break the law and when caught claims he is being unfairly treated. There is some deep mental problems with this man. Why is he being allowed to play games with our legal system ? This is not fair to the vast majority of citizens that pay for and have registrations, drivers licenses etc... It's not an option to ignore motor vehicle laws. Did he or did he not have the requires paperwork and state issued plates on his car? End of story, take him away please and present him with a big fat bill for ever hour of wasted time between the police work , court time and the .psychiatric evaluation. If he will not pay, it it jail time so he can ponder his stupidity for a while.


I had to wonder the about this guy's sanity and he really needs to be evaluated in light of the most recent shootings in California where the guy claimed to shoot people simply because he was angry. We really should look for the ticking bomb in this case. I sincerely hope that this isn't a threat to society. If he is no threat to other people, then we are looking at another false intellectual who seeks to take advantage of the same society that protects him. From the story, was he affected by the Budge Dr. Disaster? The story says the government took his home from him, but after the slide many of the places around that zone were deemed unsafe and were condemned. I had also heard that the residents had problems collecting insurance. The guy is a little off. After all most employment requires three forms of identification and that involves government issued documents. The real question is whether this guy could go off at any time.

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