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Staying healthy looks different in New York City and San Francisco than it does here in Wyoming. This year’s Hole Health focuses on unique aspects of health and wellness in Jackson — from accessing medical care as a Spanish speaker to recovering from knee surgery. The section just doesn’t focus on the physical, but also the mental. We included coverage of new research that links depression to altitude and casts doubt on the effectiveness of some medication at elevation. And don’t forget the environment! Reporting delves into the potential human health risks of chronic wasting disease, which arrived in the valley this year. Enjoy the stories a

Hole Health

Interpreters offer access to services

By Allie Gross

Edith Hernandez, 20 weeks pregnant, lay on the bed, her belly slathered with ultrasound jelly. Obstetrician Dr. Doug George was ready to deliver the news.

Your ACL pops, and that’s just the start

If you’re a skier, orthopedic surgeons say the question isn’t if you’ll tear your anterior cruciate ligament — it’s when. Read more

CWD is scary. Can it affect humans?

A scary, incurable neurodegenerative wildlife sickness officially landed in Jackson Hole last fall after decades of movement across the lan… Read more

Separating the hokey from the helpful

The inevitable will happen to you at some point. Read more

Hole Health

Living high in the mountains could bring you down

By Mark Huffman

The mountains attract people who want a change, people who think leaving sea level behind will improve their lives.