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A million-dollar 5-acre property in Game Creek was about to go to Jeffrey Archer's distant relatives when someone filed a motion claiming to be his son. Now that a DNA test has proved it, the made-for-reality-tv-case is moving through Teton County District Court. A sexual battery charge was filed against a Wilson man who's accused of groping and kissing two teenage girls during an underage party at his home. A van that was stolen in Wilson was recovered in Montana. And don't miss the White Claw thief in this week's police blotter.   —Emily

Archer's Game Creek estate could go to long-lost son

A “do not enter” sign and a chair blocking the driveway are the only things greeting you at Jeffrey Archer’s Game Creek house, which has been sitting vacant since his death last fall. Read more


Sexual battery charge filed against Wilson man

A Teton County man is accused of touching and kissing teenage girls during an underage party at his Wilson home. Read more

Van stolen in Wilson recovered in Montana

Kaylee Graveley was driving through Wilson on Wednesday when she saw a van she just had to have, police said, so she parked her Honda and stole the Mitsubishi Delica. Read more


Fire damages east Jackson apartment

Lance Scofield was sound asleep Saturday night when he started to have the most vivid dream about someone breaking into his home and a SWAT team takedown of the burglar. Read more

Emergency truck ramp to remain closed during investigation

The emergency run-off truck arrestor on Teton Pass didn’t completely stop a pickup truck carrying a load of logs from almost running off the edge of the steep highway Tuesday night, but it did prevent a fatal accident. Read more

Jackson Hole police blotter, Sept. 18

One man, three crimes: A 21-year-old man with expensive taste in alcohol but no money is facing charges of felony theft, public intoxication and defrauding an innkeeper after going on a weeklong bender. The man was caught stealing alcohol from Whole Grocer after a $500 bottle of Dom Perignon went missing. When officers searched his house, they found the pricey wine, stolen cases of White Claw har… Read more

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