Jackson Hole News&Guide - Year In Review
Sunday, August 9, 2020
Missing 2017 already? Take a trip down memory lane with the News&Guide's comprehensive review. Check out an interactive timeline and pictures of the year video slideshow. Dive in deeper with a month-by-month review as well as sports, business, quotes, cartoons and the best blotter items.

Timeline: 2017 Year in Review

Each year the staff of the Jackson Hole News&Guide summarizes what it deemed the top 10 news stories of the previous 12 months in the f…


VIDEO: 2017 Pictures of the Year

Take a visual tour of Jackson Hole in 2017 through the lenses of News&Guide photographers.


Newsroom selects top 10 stories of the year

Man against man. Man against self. Man against nature. All of the classic conflicts of literature played out on the pages of the Jackson Ho…


Read all about it, month by month

After winning the mayoral election by a mere 38 votes in November, Pete Muldoon was officially sworn in, the first Jackson mayor elected to serve a four-year term. “Long-term, we need to find solutions for housing, finish rezoning the districts and plan for a future with potentially vastly different parking and transportation needs,” he said.


10 popular social media stories for Jacksonites in 2019

It wasn't just sparks from Mylar balloons on electrical wires that spread like wildfire in 2019; some of Jackson Hole's fascinating stories…


VIDEO: 2019 Pictures of the Year

Fires threatening the town, wildlife woes and the quiet moments between. The photos in this collection are some of the most memorable from a year of triumphs, crises and everyday life in Jackson Hole.


2019 Year in Review

Wildlife, fires, politics, elections, building, tearing down, crime, punishment, agreement and disagreement ... it was all part of the year in Jackson.


2019 Editorial Cartoons

Cartoonist Rod Pudim offers his take on issues facing Jackson Hole and beyond.