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No need for connector road

The following is an edited version of a letter sent by the Responsible Growth Coalition to the Board of County Commissioners on Feb. 18. — Ed.

Responsible Growth Coalition members attended the Jan. 30 presentation by Cambridge Systematics on Phase 1 of the work it has done so far for Teton County on the Travel Demand Model.

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End brutal ‘coyote whacking’

Over the last year there has been a proliferation of Wyoming social media posts displaying despicable acts of animal cruelty, including coyote-killing contests and chasing coyotes for miles with snowmobiles and then running them over. These senseless acts have tarnished Wyoming’s reputation. Not only do they fail to comport with “fair chase” hunting, but researchers have correlated violence against animals with domestic abuse and other criminal behaviors.

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Edward Abbey was a friend of mine, and your Nov. 7 editorial “We All Love Public Lands” has him spinning in his grave. What nerve you have to use an Ed Abbey quote to reinforce your theme that all user interests have an equal right to public lands (regardless of the damage they do).

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History seems to indicate that when large groups of men gather in one place the results are usually undesirable. However, Jackson men are trying to change that trend by combining forces with a local women’s group, Raising Girls a program of GAP! The end goal is to help combat a culture of sexual violence that plagues our community and nation. Over a hundred Jackson males met up hoping to become allies to women, not just perceived enemies. Many of their faces indicating they no longer wanted to feel like part of the problem and instead wanted contribute to the solution. Most of them were feminists in hiding, not sure how to help but desperately wanting to do their part.

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Was the lodging tax a fair fight? You decide. “Residents for a Sustainable Community,” the pro-tax PAC, was badly misnamed as a “residents” initiative. They raised 97 percent of their $116,640 from local businesses.