When I came upon Maya Organics at the Winter People’s Market I was amazed by Maya Nagy’s luminescent beauty, her serenity and the diverse products she created. As I have been seeking anti-infl…

The year is 1969. The place is Los Angeles.

But Hollywood, really.

A ruggedly handsome, old-school, 45ish man is driving a cream-colored Cadillac the size of a small boat. He is stopped at a red light when a hippie girl in jean shorts and a halter top glides in front of the car.

She might as well be from Mars for all they have in common.

Scene Briefs

Final summer concert for SPET

Take a deep breath. And now breathe out.

As of Aug. 14, the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s successful “Save the Block” campaign raised the $7 million it needed to preserve the green space on the Genevieve block. Cafe Genevieve, Persephone Bakery and Healthy Being Juicery all offered to step up to purchase and steward their individual subdivisions on the block.