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Winter is here. The snow has finally arrived. Festivities abound. It is the perfect time to talk about holiday drink traditions.

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Those missing the social shopping experience of summer farmers markets, not to mention local meat, bread, produce, honey and cheese are in luck: The monthly Winter People’s Market returns this weekend to help quell the desire for Teton terroir.

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Rocky Mountain turkey, Idaho-grown potatoes, locally sourced friends and family. Is there such a thing as Jackson Hole Thanksgiving?

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As we wait for snow and for the ski resorts to open there’s little else to do but get into snuggle-by-the-fire mode. Enjoying the long dark nights of winter can include a variety of sipping spirits.

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In 1964 Congress declared Bourbon the distinctive spirit of the United States and unanimously declared September to be National Bourbon Heritage Month.

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The dog days of summer are upon us, which means savoring the last warm, sunny days before fall. Kick back, take time for yourself and ease into the afternoon Italian style with a spritz.

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