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At the News&Guide we unabashedly love newsprint. We're loving it even more this week, with a specially designed spread made to be used as wrapping paper.

Knowing (most) traditional wrapping paper can't be recycled, Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling is trying to get the word out that gift wrap needs to be sorted into the garbage. At the News&Guide we're hoping readers will turn to a better option: newsprint from our award-winning weekly. This week's cover story details the problems with traditional wrap, and shares the News&Guide's own recycling story.

Also this week: A GoFundMe page aims to help collect $100,000 for Ana Maretic, a woman who is seeking an alternative cancer treatment in Arizona. At last check, she's a little over halfway to her goal.

ICYMI: We launched a new column this week, Equity State, penned by Jennifer M. Simon, founder of the Wyoming Women’s Action Network and a senior policy advisor to the Equality State Policy Center. The monthly column will focus on gender equity (hence the name). Send thoughts and suggested topics to on the column to