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So much of National Pride Month is simply an invitation. An invitation to ask questions. An invitation to reach across often invisible barrier…

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Healthwise readers, I'd like you to meet two new folks. The first is Analeise Mayor, one of our summer interns. She's actually written more stories on the health beat than me this week (the end of the school year has me hot on the education beat, not to mention Legacy Lodge sold).

She's interested in science stories, so she's been pinch-hitting for me while I'm working on education stories and pinch-hitting on other beats. She looked into the results of testing wastewater for COVID-19 and what it might mean for epidemiological tracking in the future. It's super cool stuff that could help catch upticks in all kinds of diseases that leave genetic traces in our waste.

She also went to Jackson Hole Airport to see the Vaxi Taxi in action. Side note, I think the Health Department hit it out of the park with that name.

The second person (ish) I'd like you to meet is Huck, the smiling black dog in the top photo. He's my pup and a former grain-free dog food eater. If he had his way, he might still be eating it, because he'll basically eat anything, but many vets are coalescing around the notion that the diets may cause damaging health problems. — Tom

P.S. I'm looking ahead to a future without COVID-19. What are you thinking about in terms of health care? Are you looking to start a new exercise or mental health regimen? I'd like to hear what people are considering as the pandemic continues to abate. Shoot me an email at

P.S.S. NON-HEALTH CARE STORY ASK: I'm working on a feature about how to support your dog as they age, specifically how people manage their dogs when they hit the age at which they can't go on full adventures anymore but are still moving around OK. If you would like to talk about your dog, please email me. Thanks!

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We have an excellent restaurant scene in Jackson. Anyone who has spent time in other ski or tourist towns will quickly tell you we have it pre…

The Hole Scroll

A bison grazes at sunset Thursday near Kelly. The grass eaters use their heads as shovels in the winter to forage in the snow.