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The Hole Scroll

Make your way to Town Square by 9 a.m. today to see a slew of artists furiously creating masterpieces in a short 90 minutes at the QuickDraw A…

The Hole Scroll

After a quiet-ish start to the week, the ball is getting rolling again as we get toward the second weekend of Fall Arts Festival.

The Hole Scroll

Tuesday is a chance to take a breather before the second Fall Arts Festival push starts mid-week.

If you had to describe your ideal art-viewing milieu, what would it be?

Maybe it looks something like this: You’re walking through (insert gallery name here) with (insert drink here) in your left hand and a plate of (insert appetizer here) in your right. After you finish perusing the pieces at whichever gallery you happen to be at, you walk out the door and down the block to another, where you can pick up a new drink and plate of appetizers.