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Summer is in full swing, and cellphone data indicates it's busier than ever. Much busier. All those visitors are eating at valley restaurants.…

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This year’s Hole Health section looks different, just as our community looks different.

St. John’s Health Fair, something many of us look forward to every spring, has been canceled. No one is lacing up their shoes for the annual Jackson Hole Spring Runoff 5K. We’re seeing less of our loved ones and friends, and with face masks on, even less of the faces of strangers.

But we do it all because how we live today affects how we live tomorrow.

Many of the stories in the section this year stay true to that concept. We examine the expanded offerings of fitness studios, which have moved from straight calorie-burning exercise to adding classes that also treat the mind and spirit. Seniors (virtually) opened their doors to show us how they’re staying healthy at home with the help of the services of the Senior Center of Jackson Hole. We dive into the burgeoning field of lifestyle medicine, and how buy-in to lifestyle changes now can mean better outcomes for both patients and hospitals down the road.

These stories serve as a reminder that our health — individually and as a community — sets the framework for our future. Though things look different this year, how we treat our health remains the same: The choices we make today affect the life we have tomorrow.

Be well.

— Tom Hallberg and Melissa Cassutt, Hole Health editors

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A headless baby doll, child’s bike with training wheels and bell, electric heater, foam insulation, countless shoes and other trash were piled…