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Jackson Hole News&Guide

Who we are

Our mission is to produce an outstanding community newspaper that accurately and objectively reports and documents the events and issues affecting the lives of our readers while vigorously advocating for the public’s access to information. The News&Guide works to preserve the heritage and environment of Jackson Hole, provides a community forum and offers creative and thought-provoking analysis as well as leadership dedicated to protecting and enhancing the special character of the valley and the Yellowstone ecosystem.

A brief history of the Jackson Hole News&Guide

Jackson Hole has been fortunate to have had a newspaper or two to record its residents' activities since the early 1900s. The Jackson's Hole Courier hit the streets within decades of settlement here. The original weekly in the valley, it provided the first draft of Teton County history for about four decades. For a three-year period, The Grand Teton was published in an effort to fight the expansion of Grand Teton National Park, which was accomplished in 1950. The Jackson Hole Guide, ultimately owned by Fred and Liz McCabe, became successor to the Courier in 1952. In 1970 Virginia Huidekoper and Ralph Gill decided the county need another point of view and they started the Jackson Hole News. In 1973, the News was purchased and subsequently published by Michael Sellett. A spirited newspaper war endured for 32 years. Meantime, the News launched the Jackson Hole Daily in 1978 and the Guide eventually followed with its version, the Jackson Hole Daily Guide. In 2002, the two weekly newspapers merged into the Jackson Hole News&Guide and the dailies also were consolidated. Kevin and Shelley Olson bought the business in 2013 and operate it through their Teton Media Works company.