Within the larger tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic, many pet owners are struggling with economic setbacks caused by the virus.

Jessyka Larson was three months pregnant when her miniature boxer, Brighton, refused to leave the car to take a familiar walk down Old Pass Road. For a dog who woke up every day excited to accompany Larson to her lively workplace, Axis Gymnastics, Brighton’s behavior sparked fear in Larson.

I worked as a veterinary technician at Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, for a few years before moving to Jackson. You see all sorts of things in a vet clinic and experience a range of emotions with clients: excitement when an owner adopts a new puppy, laughter over some…

Before she came to the valley to work at the Jackson Animal Hospital, Jules Bell never had trouble finding a place to live with her 13-year-old black Lab, Gus, and her two cats, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist.