Imagine this: Your young, otherwise healthy dog slows down while on a hike. He might be short of breath; he might cough or even faint.

Things weren’t looking good for Moxie, a peppy little Texas pup who loves people but didn’t have any to call her own.

The pandemic prompted a huge uptick in pet adoptions, but with the return to in-person work, caring for all those new companions is suddenly a more difficult proposition.

Chanco, Percy and Wally aren’t just “roommates.” Rescued from unsafe living environments, these three pigs eat, sleep and play alongside their caretaker Aska Langman, founder of Aska’s Animals Foundation, a nonprofit committed to temporary and long-term care for animals in need of rehoming.

Who doesn’t have a “Peak Pet” of some kind? Dogs are everywhere, of course. The lives they live here can be varied — check out our feature on “A tail of three Jackson dogs.” Get it? A tail? OK, but the point is, some of these are super pampered and some are just free-range.

Twix was friendly and food-driven, but the little fella’s real motivation for hanging out seemed to be our shadows.

The 8-month old shepherd/mastiff thumped her tail and looked out of her crate as the tailgate opened on the gray GMC Denali. The staff of the Animal Adoption Center peered in, greeting the big dog with coos and a few “good girls.”