This special section of the paper could be the size of a book. Nearly everyone in Jackson Hole donates time or money to a cause they support. It’s part of what makes a local a local.

When it comes to communication, Lina Collado Garcia is all about inclusivity. In her writing, her photography, her work at the Teton Literacy Center and her volunteer translation efforts she wants no one to feel overlooked.

Marybeth Hansen is busy. Not crazy busy where she doesn’t have time to stop and chat — in fact much of her busy-ness comes from her unending desire to stop and chat. And that’s not because most of her on-the-street conversations start with some sort of well-meaning jab: “Hey, MB! Get back to…

When players on the Jackson Hole Lady Moose high school girls hockey team finally got to shed their gloves and helmets to raise the state championship trophy in Pinedale in February, they weren’t alone in sporting wet eyes and celebratory fist pumps.