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The Teton Mountaineering Cache Creek 18-kilometer race sounded off early Saturday morning, with Jacksonites claiming the men's and women's title.

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I was on my feet for roughly 13 hours Saturday, busing tables, passing appetizers, pouring wine, scraping dishes, and loading, unloading and moving heavy stuff around. On Sunday morning I was beat and really wanted nothing more than to lie around watching Netflix. But the lawn needed to be m…

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Too often backcountry trail traffic is talked about only in terms of overuse. Old-timers complain about how they used to love certain trails until they became too popular. It’s common to hear “and we didn’t see anyone else the whole day” listed in the “Pros” column of a hike or a bike ride, …

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Youth soccer sign-ups start

The next generation of soccer players can get a head start with Jackson Hole Youth Soccer 2019 fall season programs.

Registration is open for four levels of youth soccer, including Minikickers, Grassroots, Academy and United leagues.

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Trail challenges on tap

Three hiking and biking challenges are on tap for the hundreds of trail runners, hikers and cyclists of the Tetons.

All are far more high-tech than the posterboard with gold stars that used to sit in the Panorama House.

The Teton Trails Challenge is modeled after a similar event in Boise, Idaho, JHCycling.org board member Cary Smith said.