UPDATE, 4:15 p.m. Saturday — A Jackson Hole businessman, hunting guide and father of five was found dead Saturday afternoon near where he was attacked while retrieving a client’s elk carcass Friday afternoon.

The body of Mark Uptain, a 37-year-old guide for Martin Outfitters, was discovered around 1:15 p.m. Saturday about a quarter-mile to the northwest of where he and client Corey Chubon were processing an elk that was struck by an arrow Thursday. The elk was located and attack occurred the next day. Pending an investigation, it’s unclear if Uptain had been fed upon, but Teton County Search and Rescue Coordinator and incident commander Jessica King said that his body was intact.

Wildlife managers, meanwhile, are setting out to catch the bear that took Uptain’s life.

“The guys on the ground did request supplies to catch bears,” said Brad Hovinga, regional wildlife supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Hovinga said that “all indications” are that the animal was a grizzly bear. The agency’s plan is to deploy foothold snares that will subdue animals caught alive, and to leave the devices in the field overnight.

Game and Fish staffers Brian Debolt, Brian Baker, Kyle Lash and Jon Stephens remained staked out in the field Saturday afternoon. The hunter-bear clash turned tragedy occurred in the Terrace Mountain area of the Teton Wilderness, about 6 straight-line miles from the Turpin Meadows trailhead.

“That country is so full of bears,” Hovinga said.

Chubon, a Florida resident, was injured and flown to St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson on Friday, but was in good enough condition to have caught a flight out of the valley Saturday afternoon.

Chubon told investigators that he threw a pistol to Uptain before successfully fleeing and phoning authorities. Initial reports indicate that the second bear was present at the time of the attack, but did not engage either Chubon or Uptain.

The elk carcass was “undisturbed” when it was located by Uptain and Chubon, which suggests that the bear was not necessarily food guarding.

This aggressive behavior will be taken into account when making decisions about what to do if a bear is caught in the foot snares, and determined to be Uptain’s killer.

“That will certainly be considered in the course of action,” Hovinga said.

Hovinga was unsure if the implicated bear would be killed. 

“Based on what we know at this point, we’re going to make an attempt to catch bears,” he said.

Uptain, originally from Casper, owns Blue Sky Services and Restoration, which has offices in Jackson and Star Valley. Speaking with the News&Guide in June about his business, he shared some details about his personal life.

“I enjoy spending time with Sarah and the kids,” Uptain said, “serving on the board of elders at First Baptist Church, riding horses, hunting and fishing, guiding hunting clients, biking, playing chess and staying fit.”

UPDATE, noon — A 20-person search continues in the patchy timber of the Teton Wilderness backcountry near Terrace Mountain, but through late morning searchers have had no breakthroughs in finding a missing Jackson Hole hunting guide.

Five 4-person teams are combing the area near where Martin Outfitters guide Mark Uptain was last seen Friday, when his bow-hunting client fled during a bear attack that involved multiple animals. That client, Florida resident Corey Chubon, was able to phone authorities, was flown out of the wilderness and, despite injuries, is in good enough condition that he was flying out of Jackson Hole this afternoon.

Uptain’s whereabouts, meanwhile, remain unknown.

“My understanding is that he saw Mark being attacked by a bear, and he also was being attacked by a bear,” Teton County Search and Rescue Coordinator and incident commander Jessica King said.

Chubon reportedly was able to toss a handgun to Uptain before he ran from the attack scene, but authorities have so far not been able to locate that firearm.

The guide and his client were in the process of retrieving an elk Friday that Chubon had struck with an arrow the day before when two bears “aggressively changed.” Authorities have not ascertained what species of bear was involved in the attack, but the behavior is more typical of grizzlies. The Teton Wilderness is occupied grizzly habitat, and conflicts with hunters happen regularly.

Uptain, 37, owns Blue Sky Services and Restoration, a Jackson Hole business that specializes in fire and water restoration. The Casper-raised entrepreneur, who has five children, spoke with the News&Guide in June.

“I enjoy spending time with Sarah and the kids, serving on the board of elders at First Baptist Church, riding horses, hunting and fishing, guiding hunting clients, biking, playing chess and staying fit,” he said at the time.

After a helicopter deposits the fifth rescue team, it will begin flying a grid pattern to assist in the search. Another team of searchers are setting in on horseback.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

ORIGINAL STORY, 8:45 a.m. A search-and-rescue operation is underway to find an elk hunting guide who was attacked by a bear Friday in the Teton Wilderness.

The Terrace Mountain attack occurred Friday after Florida resident Corey Chubon was retrieving an elk while on a bow hunt with his guide, Mark Uptain of Martin Outfitters. Both men were injured, but the client managed to escape and alerted authorities. As of 6:30 a.m. Saturday, Uptain had not been located.

“Search and Rescue is currently in the field, and we’re making every effort to locate and bring Mr. Uptain out from the backcountry,” Teton County Undersheriff Matt Carr said in a statement.

The run-in occurred early Friday afternoon when the pair of hunters were retrieving an elk that had been struck Thursday. They were “aggressively charged by two large bears,” according to a release that did not identify if the animals were grizzly bears.

“Chubon was able to run to his pack gear a few yards away and retrieve a pistol but was unable to safely fire a shot at the bear that first struck Uptain,” the release said. “The attacking bear then spun, charged Chubon, grabbed his foot, and dragged him to the ground. He sustained injuries to his leg, chest, and arm, but was able to throw the gun to Uptain and get loose before running from the scene to phone for help. Initial reports indicate that the second bear did not engage either Chubon or Uptain.”

An interagency helicopter was dispatched to the scene to assist with transport of the injured hunters, but only Chubon was flown to St. John's Medical Center for treatment.

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Grand Teton National Park, and Bridger-Teton National Forest are all assisting in the ongoing rescue.

Stay tuned to JHNewsAndGuide.com for more information on this ongoing story.

Contact Mike Koshmrl at 732-7067, env@jhnewsandguide.com or @JHNGenviro.

Mike has reported on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem's wildlife, wildlands and the agencies that manage them since 2012. A native Minnesotan, he arrived in the West to study environmental journalism at the University of Colorado.

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(51) comments

Tony Rutherford

I've followed this story closely......is anyone aware of any interviews that have been given by the Martin Outfitting group? I can't find the first one.

WFG concluded their investigation once they confirmed through biological tests that the bears that they killed were the same bears involved in the attack.

This is a workplace fatality, which will be investigated by OSHA.

I suspect we'll learn that the bears did what we should expect them to do.....and the humans involved weren't fully prepared for predictable bear behavior?

Johanna Love Staff
Johanna Love

Here is the updated narrative of the attack, reconstructed from the hunter's accounts to Wyoming Game and Fish. https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/environmental/article_b4d14d59-e76a-5da6-9929-b9422416a744.html — Ed.

Nadine Kelley

Link won't work.

jake weimer

Randall Large, I cant agree with you more. You're on point.. RIP Mark

David Evans

I can feel the family pain and sorrow.Terrible event. I only regret the remark from one gentleman suggesting being from Florida contributed to his cowardice.


I too find no reasoning in the comment about Florida, and also another post about "how a person would not travel to WY from FL with a hand gun".... what??? I have not 1, but 2 firearms on my immediate person at all times when I am hiking in the Turpin Meadows area, and no less than 2 canisters of bear spray readily available....and I am a hiker and horse back rider; not kneeling over an elk, field dressing or packing/dragging out (we still do not have the complete story.... were they off the horses on the ground or on their horses?...were they in the middle of quartering or were they packing the elk out on horses and they were on foot...who had the spray? Corey never mentions bear spray, only now we hear about it in the WY Game & Fish Report, who had the firearm? Only 1 firearm between the two of them? Did the horses stand still during the attack and just allow the client from FL to remount and flee to higher ground to make a call??? WTH?? With a cell phone?? I can marginally get a text off at the trail head of Turpin Meadows Campground on a good day. There are so many holes in this story that I want to interview the guy from my home state myself to get some straight answers.....none of this make sense. Where is the "pistol" that he said he threw? Whose firearm was it? It was zipped up in a pack??? He says in the interview that his advice was to have the correct ammunition? What?? Again... I would love to interview this guy for 10 minutes and get some straight answers. Florida has nothing to do with this....the absence of a full story does.

Johanna Love Staff
Johanna Love

Norma, our reporter just left an interview with Wyoming Game and Fish personnel about an hour ago and he is working on the article now. We'll post it as soon as we can. Typically our articles for the News&Guide go live at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, but given the extreme interest in getting all the facts, we'll get it live sooner. Thank you for your patience. — Ed.

Johanna Love Staff
Johanna Love

Narrative of the attack: https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/environmental/article_b4d14d59-e76a-5da6-9929-b9422416a744.html

Tony Rutherford

Norma Jalovec you ask a lot of the same questions I'd ask. This story has captivated my attention since it broke.....and I've searched hard to find information.

I honestly believe that Mr. Uptain had almost no confidence that they'd ever recover this elk, based on the poor shot placement. This may explain why only Mr. Uptain, and Mr. Chubon were involved in the tracking and recovery efforts? I would have to believe that Mr. Uptain watched the arrow's flight and saw that it stuck the animal low and back. I suspect he watched the elk's reaction when hit, and studied how it left after being shot....and his experience confirmed that it had been "gut shot"? I imagine they found very little blood that evening, confirming the shot placement, and made a decision to not push the animal and come back the next day under lighted conditions?

I suspect during the next morning they hunted.....glassing and calling.....without success, and then agreed to look for the elk.

Gut shot game often will travel longer distances than game that has been struck in areas of vital organs. Gut shot animals tend not to leave much of a blood trail as well.

I honestly believe that Mr. Uptain wasn't expecting to find the carcass, and when it was found with no sign of bear activity he gained some comfort, or confidence that the recovery wouldn't attract any bears since the carcass had been laying overnight without attracting any bears. I suggest this because the gun was in or near a pack away from the elk carcass. I have to believe that if Mr. Uptain thought the risk of a bear encounter were higher he would have kept the gun on his person, and given the bear spray to Chubon?

We can only speculate based on the available information. This is a workplace fatality, and will be extensively investigated......so at some point we'll be able to read the State's investigative reports.

Nothing I've written is intended to be critical of anyone. From all accounts Mr. Uptain was the pillar of the community, and a fine family man....who will be missed by many.

But, when he opened the cavity the air became filled with concentrated elk scent......making it much easier for these bears to locate the carcass. When the bears located the carcass they discovered Mr. Uptain, and Mr. Chubon, and decided to fight to take possession of this easy meal.

Nadine Kelley

I agree, too many holes in this story. Has anyone thought to move the Elk Hunting Season to winter and not when the Bears are trying to fatten up for hibernation?

Chad guenter

Ms. Kelley: You aren't looking at the big picture. 4 grizzlies (3 sows, 1 cub) have died thus far attacking hunters. This sow weighed 250 pounds, some juvenile cubs weigh that much. Male Grizzlies, BIG mature male grizzlies are now firmly entrenched in their turf and all other bear's will literally suffer for it.

Richard Spratley

It's absolutely horrible this man lost his life. Really horrible for his family and all who loved and cared about him. God Bless and comfort them all. As someone who has decades of experience in bear country and with bears, there is inherent risk taken and understood when going into their domain. Especially during hunting season and a wounded elk. These bears most likely acted as any bear would in their natural environment. Competition came to take their food and they protected it as any bear normally would. Mark knew that. He was an experienced guide. He knew the risk. I can't comment on what he did or didn't do, nor do I think it's appropriate. I think we know what the other "sportsman" did and that was bail on someone who needed him in the most dire time. I will never go in the field without bear spray. I have it in my hand with the trigger guard off when I am in a situation where I can't see very well, spot a carcass or something along those lines. Again, not saying he didn't follow precautions, I don't know and not going to speculate. I do know that killing these bears will not solve a thing. As long as hunters are out in their territory and wounding or killing game, there is going to be conflict. They acted as a bear should / would. Any one of you hunters going into their domain all take the exact same risk. If you don't want to be mauled or killed, take better precautions or don't go into their home. Humans are allowed to kill bears virtually anytime they desire. But, if a bear kills a human, OMG! That bear is terrible, evil, satanic and needs to be eliminated. The mentality is baffling and incomprehensible. I'm deeply sorry for this man losing his life. I pray more people may learn from this on what and what not to do when in Griz country. RIP Mark.

Randall Large

If you don't want to feel rage in your heart, don't want this clients Interviews online. I was right. I knew it the moment I read that he was from Florida.

But I'm here to tell you all that this man "is blessed" cause that's what he's preaching. "I tossed the gun Mark but it didn't make it to him so I ran" he didn't even know the difference between bears or a mom and a cub. "Make sure you have the right ammo" what?????? He never even sheds a tear. He shows no remorse. He is going to pay a therapist to tell him that "it's not your fault, he was the guide" .... Yes he was, but never in a million years would he have thought you would just leave him, just to save yourself.

This is why it's so important for these guides to know all the facts. You're dealing with a whole other mindset when taking on these clients. Not in Marks wildest dreams would he have ever thought Another man would just leave him. I don't know which hurt Mark more. The Bear, or watching this guy flee, as mark is crying out to him to shoot it. Mark lived here his whole life, community and caring and putting others first is part of this Utopia we live in. But for a large portion of the population, it's totally "every man for himself" way of life, and when you hear him speak, this is perfectly fine to him. It's heartbreaking to think Mark watched him leave him behind. "make sure you have the right ammo". You just wouldn't expect someone to come out there to hunt and not know anything, but you have too, you have to treat every man as if they are ignorant to firearms, ignorant to the West. If I were a guide I would put every client thru tests, to make sure they aren't thinking for $2,000 the guide is going to sacrifice his life for their own ignorance. After watching this, I now know that Mark didn't have to die. "Mark knew exactly what to do. He was hollering for the bear to go".... This client knew nothing. Nothing. It's a huge lesson to all guides. When you take these clients on, you have to know, they don't live life the same way as people do in small towns. To them, it's like going to Disney and you're their tour guide, for the v.i.p. tour.

And for these local men to go ahoot and kill any bear around, thinking that this is somehow going to fix the ignorance of men, bring Mark back, it's pathetic. It's just more killing. A good excuse to kill. All that energy could have been used in ways to at least try and create something positive. Killing those bears, not even knowing which bears they were is as ignorant as this man abandoning Mark. To kill a mom and her cub, why?

"The bears acted out of character" well maybe because the client was wearing his favorite Tommy Hillfinfer cologne to feel more manly in the $5,000 hunting outfit he spent months putting together and was decked out in, when he didn't even know how to fire a gun.

jake weimer

Has anyone thought that maybe the Client didn't no how to engage the gun? ill bet Mark threw it to him and he didn't know how to fire it. lots of adrenaline in ones orbit under these circumstances

Roger Selover

I don't know about Wyoming's hunting regs involving archery only hunts but don't most states stipulate the archery hunter cannot be in possession of any firearm at any time while in the field during the hunt? Which implies the firearm must have either belonged to the guide or the client was illegally carrying the firearm (even if it was secured in his pack). In any case why was it not (apparently) employed, or was it? So many questions remain.

Jane Shehan

Wow. This client actually agreed to this article. Totally tasteless and heartless so soon. I wonder if the picture of him and his father was taken by Mark- their dead guide. His story here is totally different than the one he told authorities in Jackson. He was on horseback? And what about his pistol he supposedly ran back to get out of his pack? https://www.clickorlando.com/news/new-smyrna-beach-man-survives-bear-grabbing-him-by-ankles-attacking-him

Randall Large

Exactly!! Everything is fishy. Everything. None of it adds up. This man is classless to be giving interviews and not stay back to honor his guide. Show any respect for Marks life. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Johanna Love Staff
Johanna Love

Here's a tweet from Chubon disputing several points in the ClickOrlando article you linked to, Jane. https://twitter.com/CoreyChubon/status/1041513323215376384

Pat Sides

stupid - sounds to me they should hunt down the idiot client who fled the scene after painfully injuring and not outright killing an animal - than it takes a day and 1/2 to find the injured elk who meantime has attracked bears which might or might not be grizzlies DUH - this gets more stupid by the word - you people can't just go out and kill something?

Carolyn Hall

I feel for this man and his family, but this is another ill prepared person going into the wilderness. You take an inherent risk hiking etc into the wilderness. Bear spray is not an option it's a necessity. The park preaches bear spray its highly effective ..um where was it? Never hike without it! Secondly why would you hunt particularly in a time of the year when bears are feeding to prepare for winter? You are going into their territory taking their food away, why would expect things differently? One of the greatest things about the west is the wildlife. If you dont want to respect wildlife particularly bears move to the midwest. This was a situation of a bear being a bear and these gentlemen going into the wilderness not prepared. and using poor judgement. The only fault there is, is on them


Carolyn Hall; it would behoove you to learn something on the subject before commenting.

Bear spray is nice to have; but when you are following up a wounded animal, you would be holding a firearm, not pepper spray, and in a predatory bear attack (vs. defensive, or territorial) you might not see or hear it in time to shoot. Never mind transitioning from a rifle (lethal force) to spray (cooking spice).

In addition, bear spray is not effective all the time. I am acquainted with a guy that used a whole can on one, and it kept on returning. He had to kill it.


In addition, people hunt when it is hunting season. That means fall. That is the time that gives animals the best chance of surviving to pass on their genes.

That was not the bears food any more than the hunters. Nor is it exclusively the bears territory.

Easy for you to judge, but it is highly apparent that you are disconnected from the outdoors, and buy all your food from the store where "it's made", failing to realize it likely is from a factory farm.

Rick Crawford

It is hard to get the facts with a story like this but from my own experiences hunting and dealing with bears this is what makes the most sense, While looking for the wounded elk they encountered a mother and big cub that was doing the same thing, following the blood trail of the elk. The client was attacked and the guide jumped into save him. The guide would have been the one carrying the gun, and while trying to engage the bear it was knocked away. The guide would have been trying to get the client to shoot the bear since he could not get to the gun. The terrified client ran off and called for help. They will know the truth about certain events because they will find an empty holster on the guide and the gun registered to him. Archery hunting clients are not allowed to carry a firearm during a hunt without a concealed weapon permit or special regulations like Alaska has. Even then it is the guide that is required to carry/protect themselves and clients. No one from Florida is going to fly to Wyoming with a hand gun.


Such a sad outcome. Not many people know about Karelian Bear Dogs but going to bear country they are the ultimate protection. First they will warn you if there is one near by they will jump between you and bear to drive the bear away with their aggressive barking ang agile attack moves. They will not physically engage the bear but won't back down either. I know of several instances where lives have been saved from charging bears. It's too late to help in this case but hope other hunters consider this.

Roger Selover

Yeah I always go on an elk hunt with bear dogs. Three or four. /sarc

Michael Grasseschi

Unbelievably sad. And the truth is we dont have the whole story -probably never will-?-but I agree, its a bit bizarre that the client ran out of there without staying to help the guy he had just paid to have his hunting experience with, then took off for home the next day before they even found the body. Is there some truth hiding here? All will be revealed: lets hope. But for now, I cant believe (or tolerate) the several comments on here that are already using this very fresh and deeply unfortunate incident to politicize their various views on hunting/non-hunting/etc. Leave it alone! And simply focus on the fact that a very wonderful, young, dynamic and well known father of 5 is now gone forever, leaving behind an awful lot of grief! I cant even imagine. Can you?

Kevin Clark

Condolences to Mark’s family. Very sad.
The argument that killing more bears would have prevented this tragedy is non-sensical. The bears might have been the last two in the area and the same scenario could still have resulted considering that much of the criteria for an altercation were present.

Gregory Taylor

Mr. Clark you are correct and this incident I hope will get investigated more thoroughly as the stoy makes not much sense at all!

Michael Grasseschi

Exactly: more info is needed. Lets all take a deep breath....

Engage Staff
Audience Engagement

A comment has been removed because it violated our commenting policy. No curse words and please turn off your caps lock. - JHNG Producer

Randall Large

Sofia, I don't really care that you removed my comments on a personal level, I do however on a bigger level, Jackson lost a beautiful man and all of us should be allowed to tell people how beautiful he was. Firstly, you must know, there's no way that I could find that would allow me to alter/edit my comments, after I realized you don't allow caps on. My grief was writing for me. I didn't want nor intend to add any negativity to something already so immensely sad. I never write comments on JHNG articles, not even my own when it was misleading. So please understand it took a lot for me to reach out on this article. I'm very curious. Did you remove my heartfelt words because I capitalized the word "Florida" or because I capitalized the word "twice". I know I didn't curse. But since I've been notified by several people that my words were dumped may I ask that your team do their due diligence and get all the facts, in detail, and not be sloppy with this story, because his children and his loved ones, not even to mention these guides, need to know 'exactly' what transpired. Don't just ask one person for their accounting and place that in your paper. Questioning the motive of a man to leave another human being behind for a certiain horrific death would seem high priority. I'd like to know why, so I don't carry anger in my heart. Hoping this 'man' has a good enough excuse to go against all the values that make this community what it is. I want to know he did everything he could to save my friends life. I want to know that he didn't video this attack instead of help Mark, (jumping on a flight out asap leaves plenty of room for the sickest of thoughts) You must know that your own article left all this room for speculation and rumor, I want to know that he was a decent human being, because everything written so far points to the opposite. Did he get advice to leave asap? and not stick around long enough to show respect for the life that was was gruesomely lost, so that his was spared, as he threw his camou gear in a bag and headed for the airport, not even sticking around to hug Marks spouse and comfort her. Did he run twice, not caring about my friend Mark in a "every man for himself"" mentality. Perhaps your team can spend more time digging for facts, and if not, at least spend time creating a way for the public to edit their posted comments when they are highly emotional in grief, instead of just simply deleting my 2nd ammendment on a whim. I posted what my heart felt but never would I purposefully want to add any negativity to something so immensely sad, but i couldn't find a way to alter that, there should be a way. I don't want to be judge and jury against Marks client, I want to believe Mark died fast and perhaps this is why his Client fled the first time, I don't want hate in my heart for this client fleeing a second time without knowing the exact facts. Please, investigate this, for everyone,... Do your job and hey, I'll stop using caps...these guides need to know if the unthinkable is actually possible, because, sadly, in these times everything unthinkable is suddenly becoming possible, the community needs to know, people that had love for Mark need to know, Marks children need to know, the facts. Not just a half written article left empty for rumors and speculation. Without a whisper that you intend to investigate this further.

Was the animal here the grizzly or was it Marks client? Because all I'm reading about is this bear and nothing about the morality of the man Mark died for.

Truly sorry for violating any policy. Sincerely.

Johanna Love Staff
Johanna Love

Yes, Randall, of course our reporter is following up with multiple sources. We'll get the full article online tonight as fast as we can while being diligent with editing. — Ed.

Randall Large

I'm embarrassed at my lashing out. I appreciate all your hard work, the entire team there at JHNG, I wasn't thinking with logic, obviously, I don't know why I felt so compelled, it must just be from the shock and sandeness. Thank you all for what you do. I mean that. I wish I was not part of any of my own comments or associated with these threads. I do wish there was a way to delete them for the user, in their remourse, they might want to undo what they've just done once the emotion subsides I'm sorry.

Engage Staff
Audience Engagement

Thank you Randall. These situations are tough to report on and we are glad you appreciate our work. - JHNG Producer

carol deech

This should have never have happened. No matter what a judge will say. Returning to a fresh kill has nothing to do with re-listing grizzlies. Bear Spray might have protected him. Whether we have 100 grizzlies or 1000 a freshly killed elk will attract a bear to eat an easy meal before winter. I am very sorry this man lost his life and I feel terrible for his family but a bear doesn't deserve to die for trying to eat an elk left overnight with an arrow left to bleed out. two words Bear spray!

Roger Selover

Apparently an entire can of bear spray was deployed without effect, and later the same sow bear attacked the Game and Fish personnel sent to find the body, forcing them to kill it... Not mentioned was whether they attempted to dissuade the bear with spray initially? Somehow I doubt it (and I don't blame them one bit). Oh they did report that the sow had been sprayed by the guide so if they (G&F) had sprayed it themselves they would have been unable to determine that factoid.

Comment deleted.
Tim Rieser

Great comment Randall. I don’t get the: first plane out of Dodge - even before he knew the disposition. I don’t want to condemn the guy not knowing the full story, but it seems really. And I will say, I’m a way better shot than I am a quarterback, so the gun toss is dubious. Hope you are well Randell.

Wayne Du Pied

Sad day to hear this news. I sold Mark my business Blue Sky Services years ago. I remember playing chess with Mark and thinking with my age and experience I could kick his butt..... well he was really good at chess. My heart goes out to Sarah and his kids. No negative comments will bring Mark back. Anyone who had the privilege of knowing Mark knew his character. He was a good man.

Life is short.... tell anyone you care about how much you love them!

Check Mate Mark! You will be missed.

As I reflect on life

Gregory Taylor

WHOA! WOW ! what A MESS This story raises more questions than are answered. Baling out on the guide by the client when he had a means to end the attack? Not staying together sealed the fate for the guide! Bear Spray might have helped but expecting the victim to shoot the attacking bear or bears with a pistol thrown to him, probably was on him is a huge fail!! I know people that have had bears present problems in retrieval of downed elk and all persons had firearms and shot at nearby stumps to scare the grizzly bear OFF but the bear was persisting at following so they shuttled the meat taking turns at being at front and back trail guard the four of them were successful at retrieving the elk. Strength in numbers works and if not leave and report the animal and get more help!The reason the hunter left so fast is up to speculation and will be until his investigation and the body tells its story! Another question is that there were more than one bears being aggressive in this incident? They are solitary animals not prone to being together except breeding, or cubs with mom present!

Comment deleted.
Zach Jones

Well said, thanks for sharing.

debbie merrill

I agree with Randall-I thought the Hunters story was quite a stretch. First, the Elk was gut shot as reported by a relative of the man on FB. Second, who really knows if the Elk was undisturbed. This accounting is being given by someone who quickly left the state and was minimally injured. He was able to get a handgun out of a pack, not get a "clean" shot while it was attacking Mark, or when it started to charge and attack him? Then while being attacked, heroically threw the gun to Mark (instead of using it?) and was able to get away? I also find it hard to believe what sounds like a Sow and Cub just happened to spontaneously attack with no prior knowledge or visit to the carcass. No doubt the Bears involved will clearly lose their lives when found as a result of this. Something is not right about this accounting and I think the Family is owed the true facts. And for those quick to blame the Bear and use it as a platform to promote Bear killing, shame on you. How arrogant of humans to go into the Wilderness, critically injure game that runs off, then blame the wild animals when they do what they naturally do in their home range. Hunters as well as Photographers have been killed by Bears-it happens when we enter their territory-it's the risk you take. Condolences to the Family and Friends of Mark-I hope the truth comes out.

Gregory Taylor

Debbie I see no comment by a Randall, so I cannot know what he said that you are in agreement with. As to what you do write about I agree with your post and that the incident is very fishy and non-sensible and lacks any common sense. That the attack was paused to trip the second man to let him run off and not chase him down?? The family deserve an accurate accounting of the death of their loved one and the public does too. RIP Mark.

Cindy Campbell

Thank you.

Eugene Kiedrowski

50% of all people that attempt to protect themselves from grizzly bear attacks with a firearm were injured. Those that used pepper spray “escaped injury most of the time”, and if they were attacked, their injuries were less serious and the attacks did not last as long.

Now we have a dead father and most likely dead bears when they are caught. How many photographers have been in bear attack recently? How many hunters? Just saying Darrin.

Roger Selover

I guess the guide should have packed more bear spray? Since an entire can was deployed without effect? Give me a large caliber firearm anytime.

Cindy Campbell

Please correct opening paragraph timeline.

Zach Jones

Going home?

Darrin Bingham

WTH!!! He is going home without knowing the disposition of his hunting guide? WOW. Hope everyone brought there camera's to "shoot" the poor bears appropriately, don't want to harm them now do we? Hope that Judge that put the hunt on hold is pleased by this outcome.

Pat Sides

so the judge allowing hunting will prevent a stupid person from leaving an injured elk in the field for a day and half and not expect something to find it? plus no one knows which bear did this - but, will kill whatever they "think" might be the one or two? you people are about as dumb as it gets

David Evans

Being from Florida did not contribute anything. From his cowardly actions.

Roger Selover

First it is not unusual for a injured elk or deer to not be immediately retrievable especially if shot with an arrow, which kills mainly via hemorrhage. Furthermore if this occurred near sundown in bear country they were wise to delay further pursuit until the next day. Thirdly, Game and Fish personnel were compelled to shoot a large sow grizzly which attacked them when they arrived at the original scene at teh elk carcass. Nearby a large yearling grizzly had been caught in a foot snare set by G&F earlier. The sow had remained on the scene because of the cub. It was later determined that the sow had been previously been sprayed with bear spray and an empty bear spray canister was found.

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