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Benny Wilson

My father built the Hostel x in the sixties ,set aside 6 rooms for employees ,no problem here. Employers need to accommodate their employees or shut the door an quit whining .....

Thank you very much but being old some are slow moving , suggest 1.5 hours or even 2 hours . Plus it's 7 am we're just getting moving

bennywilson commented on START Bus seeks route feedback

Bus riding must be easier and cheaper than driving , or folks will drive their own . .

bennywilson commented on START Bus seeks route feedback

Would love to see a bus route to the airport and back , 150 less trips by huge suv, 300 less trips by rental cars , less need for parking spaces by locals , it would be a win win win for the valley congestion , and while we're talking about ridership and route changes let's make the bus f…

6 months unoccupied? Waste of taxpayer money! Housing for the homeless !

bennywilson commented on Chaos on Teton Pass

Snow sheds

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