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There is a lesson here.

Seeing something amiss - in this case considerable and repeated littering (though arguably bio-degradable) the right thing was done. In a polite and respectful way interject yourself into the situation and ask that it be corrected.

Receiving an obscene …

Given this report - What will the requested Town & County increase in Taxes, Fees and other income be this year?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Thank You Victoria for delving into this topic - at leased as spurred on by the pending Wyoming law changes. As I said in our interview, and you quoted, the current laws on Concealed Carry are VERY convoluted. To study the issue start at - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concealed_carry_in_…


Very good analysis and observations. With a secure voter system, including Voter ID, we approach 100% assurance of those eligible to vote have a chance to do so - and that those who are NOT eligible to vote are cleared out of the system. There is also more to be done to contro…

Where have all the comments gone? Nothing for the last week or so ! [yawn]

Just a few facts.

Mayor Muldoon's comments at the start of the 3PM meeting got a bit off the rails, veering from the facts into his opinion, saying that he regrets that such a “misleading rumor” had been spread in the town. There was nothing misleading about the concerns for Defundi…

bobcul commented on Letters to the editor, July 22

Regarding the above letter, "Back off, Government", it is refreshing to see a letter expressing a very conservative point of view in the not so conservative N&G.

Scanning the letter I find one very important paragraph near the end;

"All this comes down to the purposefully …

It is hard to follow your statement. I have looked at John Hopkins data and not only is it not clear but does not show Jackson exploding. I covered the latest (4/23) data above and Teton county has 18 active cases - a week or two ago it was at 100+/-. The statement that "50% of the people…

Yes, the choice of photos and words are careful to set a tone to the article. Notice the opening line about the sidearm - I discussed that above, after all it was a necessary part of my PPD's (Personal Protection Device). The N&G is trying to straighten up but is still badly tilted. H…

Gloria, They are there - just scroll left and right through the 9 photos at the start of the story.

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