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Kevin Clark

Indiscriminate killing seems to be quite popular in Wyoming. Heaven forbid we take away anyone’s “rights” to torture wildlife at will. Who crafted the rules which don’t allow cruelty to animals statutes to be applied to wildlife? Did someone convince the public that coyotes and other wild…

Could never appreciate that individuals are permitted to make a living from natural resources. Talk about extractors!
Wonder how many trophy “hunters” will sign on with the “guide who got lost”?

Elizabeth, Chad doesn’t seem to qualify as an “earthling” which is why your post (much appreciated) went right over his head.

225,000 people can’t be wrong. Chasing down and running over wildlife - or any animal - is wrong on every level; It’s indefensible. Thanks to Senators Yin and Gierau, and to Lisa Robertson for their valiant efforts. Please don’t give up. We will continue to expose this atrocity as widel…

Chuck, I’m certain it’s considerably more than 1% of hunters. Don’t forget the “trophy” hunters involved in killing contests. The needless killing of many species is commemorated with a “trophy” at the end of the contest. This topic is more vast than you acknowledge.

Expressed very well, Loren. That this movement is gaining momentum should come as no surprise. I’m seeing more and more hunters speak out about this. And the nonsense about a hunter-injured Grizzly Bear that dies and feeds other species....while true, it is a flimsy excuse that in no way …

Cautiously optimistic. Hope this group will also focus on wildlife killing “contests” and certain trapping problems. Sounds promising.

Good, informative article. But if boundaries aren’t extended, then hunters will continue to wait, watch and pick them off one by one.

Von Fester, “VERMIN”?
Say no more, please.

Condolences to Mark’s family. Very sad.
The argument that killing more bears would have prevented this tragedy is non-sensical. The bears might have been the last two in the area and the same scenario could still have resulted considering that much of the criteria for an altercation we…

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