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jeff birmingham

This sure looks to be a little over board. Sorry but come on!!!!!!

I have had a totally bad day!!! But to come home and read this just turned it totally around SO HAPPY they are back together and hope they stay this way for a few more year. this little guy has fought a heck of a battle beating the odds!!!!!! THIS JUST MADE MY DAY, WEEK, MONTH!!!!!

Ya i feel you pain we are now paying double what we were before all of this AHC came to be. So much for affordable are keeping your DR and plan. I knew soon as the GOV got involved we working class were going to be paying the bill for those that don't even worst than we already had been.

critter getter commented on Targhee Elk Herd an enigma

Marybeth, I guess you would be happier if no research was done and they all just die from from something like CWD. Research is the only way to stop stuff like CWD and netting is the best way to do this. But you people are more worried about an elk being left alone than research being done …

This is just another way for a government agency to ---- a business man out of money!!!! OSHA has it's place but this isn't it!!!

critter getter commented on Lesbian couple claim wedding turned away

Well said!!!

critter getter commented on Town council candidate arrested

That’s to funny!!!

critter getter commented on LGBTQ law wins OK

Yap sure looks that way

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You would have thought that there would have been a map made by now. sure would help for safety reasons

Your not fighting for my rights. I still have enough sense to use the right restroom and know who and what sex i am. A man is a man a woman is a woman. If you want to be gay that one thing and your right but this whole you can identify as something you are not and be able to use restrooms an…