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Emily Mieure covers criminal justice and emergency news. She also leads the News&Guide’s investigative efforts. She has reported for WDRB TV in Louisville, Ky., WFIE TV in Evansville, Ind., and WEIU TV in Charleston, Ill.

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• Police are investigating after a man reportedly passed some counterfeit $100 bills at Smith’s Food and Drug. The store’s accountant found th…

The Hole Scroll

Police are looking into some mysterious gas cans that someone lit on fire Saturday around 1:30 a.m. They’re investigating the incidents as ars…

A Jackson Police Department lieutenant is out after community members, advocates for survivors of sexual violence, activists and politicians e…

Jackson’s town manager responded publicly Thursday after a Facebook post by a member of the police department enraged some members of the comm…

Some community members are shocked and disgusted by what they call an inappropriate joke that was posted on the Jackson Police Department’s Fa…

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Emily Mieure

Hi Sean, you are welcome to go to the courthouse and sit in on hearings. I do it on a daily basis for various cases. But that particular case was continued, which is common. We will follow up when there are developments. Thanks for reading.

Emily Mieure

Emily Mieure commented on Domestic assault suspect on the run

Hi Nicole, Seals has been arrested in Massachusetts and is awaiting extradition.

Emily Mieure

Hi Ken. Hernandez was brought here as a child and later earned DACA status.

Emily Mieure

Hi Ken, the drugs are being tested at the state lab and when they're not they are kept in evidence storage in Afton, according to documents. Thanks for reading.

Emily Mieure

Hi Jean. Chambers was ordered to pay restitution.

Emily Mieure

Emily Mieure commented on Heart Six horse died from twisted gut

Hi Bobbi. Please call me at 732-7066. Thanks!

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