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Esther Judge-Lennox

How dare you make this political!!!! There’s a difference between consenting adults and child molesters. I’m sure your little rant about how you sponser a home for abused children is how you sleep at night. Keep lying to yourself. It’s close minded ignorance that has separated our country. …

William, how dare you put abuse of children and democratic policy in the same sentence. I can almost promise you Resor is a republican. How about ex republican Oklahoma Senetor Ralph Shortey who was convicted of child sex trafficking, or former Judge Nolan who was Trumps campaigner in 2016 f…

Estherhjudge commented on Buried workers perished alone

I’m so sorry to the families who are suffering from this loss. Isabel, good job for standing up for your rights and speaking your mind about inequality. Situations like this must be spoken about as responsibility must be taken for the loss of these men’s life. My heart goes to these families.

Estherhjudge commented on 2 get time in child meth case

In reply to y’all, please know that justice was served. Cheyenne got her baby high and wasn’t taking responsibility. Read the articles and the several before. Abusing you baby is not acceptable especially when bioalogical father has a safe, stable, drug free, loving, (married) environment. T…

Estherhjudge commented on Bomb threat suspect arrested in Arizona

Thank goodness. It’s good to know one less madman with a gun is on the streets. After the FL shooting and School shooting hitting a record of 18 shootings this year I think gun control is in order.