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Daniel Ewert

So irritating that one man wants to make money by blasting the rest of us with noise in our wilderness areas. This needs to be stopped.

Good reporting to share all the perspectives here. I think Ken's idea of "neutral" reporting is reporting that only shares his personal viewpoint. I'm sure he can find some opinionated "fair and balanced" reporting on cable television that reinforces his world views if that's what he wants.

The world needs more people like Adam Roich.

Helicopters are very loud. This is a terrible idea.

Ewert02 commented on Empty house? It could cost you

Mr. Yin has had some good ideas, but I think this one is problematic. Most of these 2nd homes are outside of the lodging overlay zone and short term rentals are banned. If the homeowners are required to rent it out to long-term renters they won't be able to go stay in their own home. Then…

Noisy helicopter tours are a terrible idea. Let's not ruin the serenity of our beautiful wild places. There is no benefit to this.

Are you saying that venue in the U.S. District Court in D.C. is not appropriate for suit against a national refuge? If there was no proper venue the case would be dismissed. I'm not convinced you have thoroughly analyzed what the law was intended to do. In any event, the issue here is chroni…

Interesting comments here. The Equal Access to Justice Act does not provide for recovery of attorney's fees unless the party prevails and the government's defense of the case "was not substantially justified." With respect to the current case, hopefully they can all reach an agree…

Informative and insightful article touching on a complex issue. Interesting that some of the loud commentators here claim to be religious, and benefit greatly from immigrant labor, yet they apparently ignore actual scripture that encourages us to welcome and help these immigrants.

A beautiful and intriguing animal, full of life and living history. I'm sure that guy got a thrill when he saw her take the bullet. Glad she was able to thrill hundreds or thousands of life loving and curious observers of the natural world before being gunned down.

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