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JOhn Smothers

exactly I agree.

fingers crossed it's not a community spread.

what about the employees that are effected? Some work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet here.

Hopefully he/she stays home and doesn't spread it around.!!!!

stay home and dont spread it. Hopefully whomever it is tells his/her doctor where they've been in town and can get that place disinfected asap.

One other thing the town of jackson should consider is their work force. How it will impact year round staff, seasonal staff, and ect. If the town closes alot of bussiness then what. Most workers in Jackson have 2 or even 3 jobs to make ends meet. How are the workers suppose to make ends …

thats sucks... Hmm I wonder why..Maybe cuz of the bad customer service and bad employees

Sucks to see it go, but happy in a way. Bad customer service and long long lines at cashiers.

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