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Brice Hemming

Any bets on how quick those 22 tags get filled. I give it one week. Lots of out of state hunters have apply. hahahahaha Will I guess if you hate people and love to see them get attacked by grizzly bears you don't support the bear hunt. So sad to watch people brainwashed by a cult of hate hum…

Freedom1080 commented on Griz defenders target hunt tags

So are these women going to pay for the damage the bears cost. You know instead of being drama queens actually grow up and be an adult. Pay for all the medical bills of everyone attacked. Pay for all the wrongful deaths to people who die. Pay for all the cattle they kill. But we all know the…

Freedom1080 commented on Griz defenders target hunt tags

Women what a surprise.

Freedom1080 commented on Stop the gruesome grizzly bear hunt

How many people have to die before the lunatic fringe is happy? How many children have to be torn up by animals before the PETA cult is happy spilling blood? Worshipping animala to kill people is mental disease. Open the hunt already.

Once again the undeniable facts that wolves destroy the ecosystem. Not only that the gutter trash worthless vermin are just like rats killing and eating each other. It takes a special kind of stupid to think these vermin pest are special. But people are stupid and believe any slick propagand…

After the worthless vermin pest destroy the whole ecosystem they kill each other. Nothing but a worthless vermin pest that changes everything into barren wasteland. If you hate seeing wildlife wolves are awesome.

Wow talk about brainwashing children. So this coloring book is teaching children that getting torn to shreds by a grizzly bear is cool. It takes some kind of sick psychopath to put this out.

Everyone against the hunt need to be forced to pay for all deaths and medical bills caused by grizzly bears. That is how you cure stupid.

So all you care about is personnel greed. Take care of your selfish needs and ignore human safety. Just tell the truth you don't care how many die or torn up by grizzly but keep your paycheck coming in. You people should be force to pay for all deaths and medical bills caused by grizzly that…

Cute fairy tale and lies. The so called eco tourism is a fraud and lied put out by people that never leave the pavement. Hunters support rural towns. Just like you children claimed millions of people would flock to go see wolves. LMAO like any of city people leave the pavement to go see wolv…

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