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Thanks for this article. In my mind, the USFWS continues to lose scientific credibility. Even if they are right, grizzly bears will be maintained just above the drain. I suggest watching this presentation by Grizzly Bear expert Dr. Dave Mattson and making up your own mind:

Todd, thanks for covering this important wildlife issue and thank you Dr. Braun for shedding light on politics once again trumping biology. You both are conservation heroes. If we want to reverse the trend for sage grouse and the sagebrush ecosystem we need to protect the remaining core area…

Glenn Hockett commented on Dark Ages mentality holds bison hostage

Todd, you have done us all a great service here. It is unfortunate that Governor Bullock does not appear interested in the facts, the science, or what the general public wants. Your "Flat Earth Society" comment was dead on.

Glenn Hockett commented on Wildlife victimized by our stewardship

In southwest Montana many different interests have stepped up over the years to protect important public land habitat for Greater Yellowstone Wildlife, including the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks owned Dome Mountain, Gallatin, Bear Creek, Wall Creek, Robb-Ledford and Blacktail Wildlife …

Todd's last sentence sums it up:

"To date, in response to repeated inquiries and points made in this series, the state of Montana has yet to provide any scientific evidence, based on alleged threat of brucellosis transmission, to justify lethal control of Yellowstone bison."…

Thank goodness in Montana we think and protect habitat. Unfortunately, we are connected to this mess in Wyoming by an unbroken chain of elk herds. Please Wyoming stop artificially feeding elk.

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Feeding the elk - really? What about reconnecting and protecting the habitat that they need. That would also benefit grizzly bears.

Wyoming's elk and bison feedground model is a disaster waiting to happen.

Todd and Kathryn:

Thank you both for continuing to bust these myths . Todd, thank you also for noting the deafening silence of many agency professionals. I have heard some say if these wildlife biologists do their job they will lose their job. Really? It is time we reverse that par…

Great article. Robert Keiter nailed down the situation with Greater Yellowstone bison years ago in a legal review that pointed out the failed policies of having livestock agencies (Department of Livestock at the State level and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service or APHIS at the …

Thank you St. Goddard for speaking out. This isn’t an honorable hunt and this isn’t how you treat a sacred animal. It’s March – stop the killing.

Todd, thank you for pointing out that Yellowstone National Park also has plenty of blood on their hands and that many of their employees a…