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Noel Rankin

Hellokitty commented on Another shot for Munger housing

It seems that the passion the developer has about his project stems mostly from making money for himself...... the commissioners already made their voices heard.

Hellokitty commented on King's changes goad gadfly

Thank you Shane for having the guts to stand up for what you believe. I'm with you 100% in that Snow King is now being led by a GM that has NO prior small town ski hill experience, and may possibly be hurting Snow King irreparably.
How Ryan Stanley was given that job is beyond all inte…

These two have recently purchased a home and a large lot in the Gill addition, are tearing down the house and are building a huge brand new house on the lot. That would be a 2-4$ million dollar project to start. Hmmmmmmm, Sound sketchy to you?
I hope locals are going to be boycotting …

How entitled can one be? These two men actually think that the housing authority was put in place for them to live in while they saved up enough money to buy not one, but two million dollar homes in Jackson hole? Google the two of them and you will see, they completely and utterly took advan…

Hellokitty commented on Rides, runs in King’s plans

Unrealistic......more like ridiculous. A person needs to be hired at Snow King who has extensive experience helping a small ski resort become more lucrative.....sounds like it's being run by a dim wit.