Jackson Hole, WY News

Jay Westemeier

The fine should have been five times as much. $5000 can't replace a protected animal and is not enough to discourage this from happening again.

Did anyone really think this would end differently? Whenever there is a club with few members, morality and justice within that club is virtually non-existent. The "defiance" culture is alive and well in Jackson Hole.

I'm glad to hear that Jackson is not just a weekend haven for the elite left coasters. Kudos to all of the donors who seem to understand that this Presidency represents a turning point where career politicians can no longer monopolize our government and sell out our country without being …

Why don't you already have ammo available? Must not be a very serious hunter. And I bet you never hike in that area anyway, so why comment?

Mr. Schramm, will you personally accept responsibility if Northwest Wyoming's elk and mule deer are wiped out by CWD and the entire ecosystem is turned into a toxic land void of those ungulates for decades to come? Pick your poison.

I bet you would work for free if you were one of their lawyers or lobbyists. Keep in mind that there are millions of "average Joes" who are members of those organizations. And no, I'm not one of them.

Mr. Lammers, Earth Justice isn't the only entity pushing for the elimination of feeding. Leading wildlife biologists and scientists have been advising this for years and you can't suggest that they are jealous or uneducated people. The residents of Jackson Hole have been trained to believ…

For someone who obviously reads the JHNG every day and especially Mr. Koshmrl's articles, you sure have an apparent hate for their writing style. It's a shame that the paper and it's staff aren't as morally and ethically astute as you are. I will agree that in general, the mainstream medi…

Obviously, Terry's reading comprehension is lacking.

I agree with you Kevin. The biggest problem is that Wyoming's citizen tax base is so tiny, the legislature and state agencies are scared to death of upsetting the state's livestock and energy industries, which are their historical cash cows.