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Jim Olson


December 31st, 1954

.........so glad the lion got away!

Could you list the various ways we can volunteer?


Alright! Make Wyoming Ignorant Again!

Jim Olson commented on Park speaks on goat kill: 36 down


Coordinated opposition, keep us informed about any protests or anything our unified citizenry can participate in to try and stop this atrocity! I for one, will be there or help in any way I can to stop this!

If there is any organized opposition to this, please let us/me know, because I intend to commit as much energy as I can to prevent this absolutely horrible thing from happening. It is an assault on the peace and tranquility of our wild lands. We must stop this. Even if all legal remedies …

I'd forego an occasional Big Mac to help save 72 of our "kings of beasts".....how about y'all?........

I find this very disturbing.

If it's not heli tours defiling the peace and sanctity of our natural treasure, then it's corporate mobbing defiling the peace and sanctity or our natural treasures.

Just as I am part of the resistance to the heli tour business anywhere near the Te…

Time to build wildlife over and underpasses. We have the money.

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