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Jody Garland

All of us up here on the Game Creek/Squaw Creek plateau are so very grateful to all who worked to save us and our property. So many came to help, firefighters, sheriffs department, civilians with horse trailers to help evacuate animals, and those incredible aerial fire fighters whose flig…

I was on the village road last night at dusk after evacuating Game Creek because of the fire. When I saw the dead moose I just “lost it”. And then some entitled guy with out of state plates came up behind me and tailgated for a mile or two. He then passed me over the double yellow line at…

I sure hope these people will get paid commensurate with their skills and training. It’s not like just anyone can walk in the door and get the job.

We’re any of these people carrying bear spray? If not, why not?


Sometimes the best decision isn’t about the money. It’s about people, the environment, logistics, and looking beyond the issue at hand for possible unintended consequences.

Actually the views he expressed are not solely his own. They’re mine as well.

Since the Wyoming State Fish and Game Commission also thinks its OK for fur trappers to continue their inhumane and dangerous activities on our public lands, I have lost faith in their ability to have good judgement in this or any decisions regarding the public trust.

It seems again and again to be the same case of prioritizing an individual making money over everyone else’s peaceful, tranquil, environment.

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