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Knit Night, 6 to 8 p.m. Thursdays at Knit on Pearl, is free to knitters and crocheters of all levels.

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Thanks Johanna for a lovely profile on my awesome wife!!

County GIS system reports 2019 property taxes on this property were $8,249.45.

I think an all-or-nothing SPET is a very bad idea. If voters don’t like one of the SPET options, their only option is to vote against them all. Which is a highly likely scenario. Just look at what happened last time with the START bus proposal.

I’m heartbroken by this. Kristine was an amazing person and a talented pilot. I was lucky enough to fly with her many times, and she would often serenade her passengers with opera songs. I’m so sorry for her family, the family of her passenger, and everyone at Teton Aviation in Driggs.

Kylie, nice job on this series. It is an important issue for our community. Jim Little Jr. MD

One would hope that they do more than "touch on" climate change. The science is clear. It is the defining scientific issue of our millennia. If we ignore it or deny it, we are dooming mankind.

What does it say about or community and our culture if we can't protect our children from assault by an adult? As a physician, I'm a mandatory reporter of child abuse and would be required to report this to law enforcement. I hope the county prosecutor will treat this seriously.

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