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Judd Grossman

We are all stakeholders in government. We have no choice about that, but we do get to vote for the people who determine how the money is spent. All taxpayers have an interest in government providing its services at the best possible value. If our representatives determine that the best co…

Employers should provide housing for their employees. The town should provide housing for their own employees. The taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize private businesses by providing housing for their employees.

Judd Grossman commented on Wyoming needs better insurance

Our family of 4 saw premiums go up to $2,800 per month with a $13,000 out of pocket limit in 2018, so we cancelled insurance and became uninsured.

Insurance and other 3rd party payers are the problem. When people don't even know what a product costs and they don't pay for it themselves…

Judd Grossman commented on Town toddles toward child care solutions

Reduce regulations. Don't provide public subsidies. That should be between the employee and employer, otherwise taxpayers are essentially subsidizing commercial expansion.

Judd Grossman commented on Council wants a more predictable SPET

"projects are often too complex for the average voter to judge", Maybe a bit of elitism? Or a failure to present coherent projects to the public? Electeds are very frustrated that they have to answer to the voters on SPET. They would prefer to have the money to spend however they …

SHIFT appears to have stuck their hand into a hornet's nest because of their own misguided foray into identity politics. I'm not a fan of the Travel and Tourism Board's funding of what appear to be virtue signaling endeavors like SHIFT (Frankly, not a fan of most of Travel and Tourisms fundi…

Judd Grossman commented on Hog Island, why not?

I agree with the majority of electeds in their concerns about long-term affordability, sprawl and traffic.

Teton Village should pay for this.