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Dave Dunlap

what Tim said.

headline correction needed. crowd not crowns????

We can't get anything done without a bunch of carpetbaggers in tow.

lupine commented on Jackson in 1918

we have been to alfreds grave many times. always wanted to know more of the story and now i do. thanks for the article.

lupine commented on Buried workers perished alone

thank you Kylie for doing this story. I have been in construction for over 30 years and been in plenty of sketchy ditches. Any ditch in this country that is 12 - 15 feet deep needs to be 12 - 15 feet wide or have adequate trench boxes in place. Also Should of had more people on hand to monit…

Its time to make an effort to slow down the touristification of Jackson Hole. Any further promotion should be a crime. Ask anybody that lives here if they liked it around here when it wasnt so crowded and the answers will almost always be yes. Delta lake used to be a locals secret but no mor…

JHNG, where is your graphic content warning? Someone might might actually read this article.

lupine commented on Town candidates tackle taxes

If I lived in town you would definitely have my vote, Judd.
With the present situation we are experiencing in Teton county the last thing we need is more promotion. If you promote it they will come has not served us well. The amount of money we have taken in to address visitors impacts …

Ok. So how do we get the testing done? What does it cost? How long does the test take? Where do we go? These questions vex me after reading this article.

Allie,, what other cable providers are here in the valley?

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