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Melissa Cassutt’s job should come with a badge. Regrettably, it does not. She oversees Valley, Scene and special projects. She also writes features, mostly about people but often dogs. Send story tips and pet pictures.

I worked as a veterinary technician at Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, for a few years before moving to Jackson. You se…

The 8-month old shepherd/mastiff thumped her tail and looked out of her crate as the tailgate opened on the gray GMC Denali. The staff of the …

This year’s Hole Health section looks different, just as our community looks different.

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Cloth mask: check.

Gloves: check.

Disrobe and shower post-shopping: check.

Cynthia Hogan has her grocery shopping protocol down, something learned from dozens of hours shopping to stock the Quarantine Cuisine pantry, located inside the shuttered Rendezvous Bistro.

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Melissa Cassutt

Hi Peggie,

I apologize for the error! Your title has been corrected online and we will print a correction in the Sept. 4 News&Guide as well. Thank you for sharing your voice in this story.

Melissa Cassutt, Deputy Ed…

Melissa Cassutt

Hi Gwynn — I received your voicemail but was unable to return the call as a number was not left. The original text submitted only included six grandchildren (I'm happy to discuss this more over the phone or off the website — please call 732-7076 and leave a return number if it goes to voi…

Melissa Cassutt

Melissa Cassutt commented on If you're like me, pets are family

Hi Brad! Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm so glad you found something that worked for your pet! Bentley has been recovering really well from his surgery, but I completely understand that a TPLO isn't the right choice for every pet. Thanks for giving me the heads up on the brace …

Melissa Cassutt

Melissa Cassutt commented on LGBT discrimination ban advances

Kyra — Thank you for letting us know. We have corrected the mistake online and will also run a correction in the June 27 paper. —Melissa Cassutt, Deputy Editor

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