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Managing Editor Rebecca Huntington has worked for newspapers across the West. She hosts a rescue podcast, The Fine Line. Her family minivan doubles as her not-so-high-tech recording studio.

A bumper-to-bumper line of cars snaked up Ski Hill Road as eager skiers vied for parking spots Sunday morning before lifts started spinning at…

Jackson resident Gigi Baltes captured the line of wildlife watchers keeping a close eye on a mountain lion dining on a carcass on High School Butte. 

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Jackson resident Gigi Baltes couldn't resist documenting the herd of wildlife watchers flocking to the scene of a mountain lion doing what mou…

Looking solely at the dollars, it’s easy to discount the value of small donations. But seasoned fundraisers say pint-sized gifts can still pack a punch.

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Rebecca Huntington

The reason that we included the man’s religion is that it was used in court to grant him an exception to his house arrest. Because of his religion, he is allowed to attend worship every Sunday morning. We regularly report exceptions to house arrest that let the community know when a suspe…

Rebecca Huntington

Rebecca Huntington commented on CWD reaches Wyoming Range

Hi Elisa. Here's advice from Wyoming Game and Fish Department: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Wildlife-in-Wyoming/More-Wildlife/Wildlife-Disease/CWD-in-Wyoming-Wildlife/CWD-Testing

Rebecca Huntington

Rebecca Huntington commented on Alive, but at what cost?

Hi Michael. We'll take a look into this. Rebecca Huntington, Ed.

Rebecca Huntington

Whether it’s one voter or 200 voters, the question of where the line falls between education and lobbying is a valid one to ask.

Rebecca Huntington

Thank you. This story has been updated.

Rebecca Huntington

You can also learn more about the BLM lands here https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/jackson_hole_daily/local/article_4173b6ca-4dcb-5e58-9b71-e18a33066a83.html