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It is frustrating that no specific agency has or would admit to having the jurisdiction to more strictly regulate or prohibit helicopter tours in and around Grand Teton National Park. Depending on conditions, these aircraft, which we all appreciate for emergencies, can be quite loud, echo…

Roger Hayden commented on Letters to the editor, Jan. 13

As usual, those who are poorly informed or profit from our continuing to feed elk oppose closing winter feedgrounds to prevent the spread of the always fatal chronic wasting disease. No other states in the Rocky Mountains feed elk, so why does Wyoming? Because there's something unique abo…

Roger Hayden commented on County reels back elk feeding stance

The science is clear and we all need our elected local representatives to take a strong stand on this to force the state to do what it is afraid to do, gradually sop feeding. Just take a look at other Rocky Mountain states with large elk herds and no feeding. How can they do it, but we re…

Roger Hayden commented on Barrett vows fair approach as justice

She probably actually believes her personal Christian, big family, suburban lifestyle is best (to be imposed upon) for all, and her legal decisions will reflect that.

This is politics, not science, and Trump will be in office until he's booted out January 20.

As I follow this matter, I see that several people are now calling for the mayor's resignation. Yet, to my knowledge, Mayor Muldoon has not violated any laws or rules pertaining to Jackson elected officials. And while he's been accused of one recent crime unrelated to his office, no evide…

"Unknown User"? Doesn't editorial policy require real names be used? And, why was the "reply" option not available for this comment? If the NAG editor has something to say, why hide behind a fake ID not allowed by the policy?

I hear ya, Tim. The counter argument would be that the accused should get a fair trial, which always would be questioned if it were not public. Geezz, I'm reliving my journalism career here.

I get your point about public domain, Terrance.The kind of thing we would have discussed ad nauseum in journalism classes years ago. Of course, you help make my point by saying, "I suggest he do it somewhere else and never use his own name." Do what? The legal system found he did nothing …

According to this story, a person can accuse another of something, true or false, and the accused suffers the consequences. Haven't we seen this in nasty divorces or employer/employee relations? If I managed to schedule lunch with Gloria Courser to target her, and later accused her of sex…

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