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Roger Hayden

Roger Hayden commented on Town passes mask resolution

I don't get the indignant local or visitor reactions to wearing masks. Most places cited in news reports indicate now that spread of the virus is low where masks are worn, and higher where they're not worn. I wouldn't want to work in a place where I had to interact with visitors not weari…

Roger Hayden commented on Pro-hunt groups join elk feeding fight

It's refreshing to see Jackson Hole Outfitters and Guides Association President Carlton Loewer open to alternatives, despite the association's lawsuit. As the always fatal chronic wasting disease spreads closer to the National Elk Refuge, conservation and hunting organizations understand …

Nobody cares if they ge what they want at any given moment.

If you plan to walk any trails with your dog or have other animals roaming on or around your property in Jackson Hole, this workshop would benefit you. Trappers are allowed to place traps almost anywhere, regardless of other uses.

So sorry to learn of this today. This was an amazing and unique place operated by owners who took great pride in the lodge and went above and beyond for their guests. I hope they rebuild this icon of the community.

Roger Hayden commented on Helping the homeless

This editorial, news reports and letters to the editor are quite similar to those written almost 27 years ago when I arrived in Jackson Hole. The housing issues were serious then and are more difficult now because Jackson Hole is an attractive and increasingly expensive place to live, con…

CWD contagious and will spread fast among elk crowded on feed grounds. Wyoming's elk population is well above the objective set by the state's wildlife managers. Elk in Wyoming can survive winters without artificial feeding as they do in other states.

Our community housing dilemma began long before I arrived in the valley 26 years ago. Since then, we continue to stress in the same way and take the same action — build more affordable housing. I was a big supporter of publicly subsidized affordable housing years ago to house friends wh…

Roger Hayden commented on Beaver trapping subversion backfires

With Lisa Robertson, I co founded Wyoming Untrapped and was its first executive director. In that position I learned that any trapping to make a living today is a myth. Unlike trapping decades ago, today it is not for necessity, for garments to keep us warm, for example. Trappers today sell …

Like any business, I would expect the ski corporation to bring in as many skiers as possible and charge them as much as possible. I don't think the happiness of the local skiers is a concern unless they stop buying passes.

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