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Steve Cadwallader

Sfcadwallader commented on Hunters, let's get the lead out

This is poor science and not substantial reacher. The ban on raptors has more significance on out small game ie Sharptail Grouse then the so called Climate Change. But no uneducated liberals can understand that.

Sfcadwallader commented on Lesbian couple claim wedding turned away

Well said.

Sfcadwallader commented on LGBTQ law wins OK

Jackson continues to morph into the place we left.

Sfcadwallader commented on Griz ‘management’ is a big mistake

It’s called “Management”. We’re not talking about Yogi Bear and Gellystone.

Sfcadwallader commented on Teton dems search out young voters

Get them while they can they will ultimately grow out of it.

Sfcadwallader commented on B-T yanks winter travel plan

I’ve posted several comments on different topics but I’ve yet to see them on the papers web site. I need to look into this.
This article is a continuation of the “Hole” turning into a touching/feeling place that will ultimately destroy what God intended it to be. A Wild Place without ab…

Another example of the liberal tree hugging influence that is changing the core culture of Wyoming and will ruin the culture that people came here to experience. You are all to narcissistic to realize your destroying a gift.

Sfcadwallader commented on Cover your kill

Well said. Thank you.