Jeff Smith

Jackson ceased being a small town decades ago.

"Strong local community". Ha ! Thanks for the laugh.

Then don't come here. Tell your friends too. And since you don't even live here, there is no reason to concern yourself with the state.

If GTNP is so concerned about invasive, non-native species, then they better deal with the wolves too.

Interesting and hypocritical article Paul, seeing as you have personally financially benefited for years from the ultra rich in the valley.

Should have had a 12 ga shotgun and slugs/buckshot too. Good luck with a handgun of any caliber, used under stress.

I'm trying to understand why such an intensive investigation was even done. Not like it's a murder/crime scene or something similar.

Good points. Unfortunately, the paper does not care for any view points that aren't close their own on any subject and like to ban those who have opposing views, both here and on their Facebook page.
Another group who preaches tolerance, etc. but doesn't practice it.

If they're so concerned about non-native, invasive species they need to go after the wolves too.

Best of luck.