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Rick Bell

I think just coating maybe 1/2-1 mi. on each side of Hyw 22 where it meets 390, and a mile or two up 390 from 22 would suffice.

Los Angeles has been coating it's streets white, it would work great at this intersection area of Highways 22/390, it cost effective, about $40,000 a mile and lasts 7 yrs, also cools the road surface in the summer by about 25 degrees (the reason L.A. is using it). The coating is called Co…

Years ago I drove a START bus through that area at night, one night I almost hit a Moose, they are near the same dark color of the road surface, luckily I saw a small white patch on it's leg or I wouldn't have seen it till it was too late, Moose simply perfectly match the road surface at …

Snow Surfer commented on Beaver trapping subversion backfires

Never a good thing to use deceptive and unethical practices like yours Rodger.

Such a light sentence for a serious crime, whoever negotiated that deal on the prosecution side should be reviewed for competency.

Snow Surfer commented on Park seeks to eliminate its goats

Hmmm, seems to me the Goats migrating is a natural process, the Park eliminating them is not natural and a Human interference on Natures course, these Goats should be left alone.

Snow Surfer commented on Throne canvasses Jackson

Ughh.......after their lying, smearing, interrupting paid hakctivists debacle during the Kavanaugh confirmation, who in their right mind would vote for the slimy democrats?

Snow Surfer commented on Buried workers perished alone

Shady companies cutting corners, hiring illegals should be run out of business. The Rich building these million dollar homes can afford to pay more for respectable companies that don't cut safety corners and hire experienced workers.