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Tim Rieser

If Epstein wants to endanger himself and his family, I suppose that’s his business. But he is way off course (along with Barron) in trying to end the mask mandate. Epstein says we won’t be Covid free anyway so he’s saying there’s no sense in precautions. That’s true of cancer too. So mayb…

I’ll second that. Less is more. More is fruitless.

The notion of Teton County ever having a meaningful impact with closing the gap on affordable housing is, unfortunately, laughable. And it seemed possible as recently as five years ago. Chronic housing shortages leading to chronic labor shortages is now the new growth control mechanism. I…

If that’s your sentiment then it’s clear you haven’t paid attention to the facts.

If Rooks is sober for a couple months and thinks he “stronger” than ever, he is in the freshly-sober euphoria that newly sober people have. I agree with Smokey in many ways, but a significant point that’s being missed here is whether he is fit to be an elected official. Of course Rook sho…

Very sad. Especially to think she lay there alone for weeks.

I’d be willing to step in as interim CEO. In keeping, I would be a bad choice by the Trustees, I am quite able to show up for six months make the entire staff hostile and, of course, I’ll provide my bank account and routing numbers so my sweet million can be direct-deposited. Can’t be bot…

It’s all nonsense. Biden isn’t chasing poll numbers because he’s there to get his agenda done, not to see how well he’s doing on any given Friday. He’s doing an excellent job given the imbecilic disarray the country was in when he took over the smoldering remnants of a once great democracy.

Jail is a bit over the top.

I’ll be jumping parties to vote for Cheney. I hope many Democrats do this.

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