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Tim Rieser

Thank you to the Glicks. Well done and thank you for caring about the community and the planet. It’s hard to believe people still throw garbage out the window.

She knew exactly what she was doing, he said. I do not doubt that one little bit. I’m glad she’s back, but I was not worried. Threeninetynine is a miracle of nature.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the much of the pry lies with the board in leadership and selection.

How about a little ingenuity to improve conformance

and convenience?

Issue a specific bag of some nature that residents can put batteries and bear spray into and set on top of the trash can at the curb. It’s not practical to think people will drive to the recycling center with…

Recruit him and vote him in. For myself, I’d like greater diversity and a better skill set in my candidates.

Why don’t you try reading her response again.

The issue isn’t that women can’t campaign and get elected effectively as you incorrectly point out. The issue - here and everywhere - is how to get more women and people of color to - to seek office.

This comment has been short…

This is mind bending. The elected officials think they want housing. They say they want housing. They run on affordable Housing. The only thing they lack is common sense, skill, desire and courage.

This continues nearly 30 years of promising to resolve the issue but never really hav…

I agree. It’s a difficult situation to puzzle out. I’m ambivalent. Crime or no crime according to the CA office, both parties have reasonable expectations if not rights. This is probably not something I can resolve in my head.

Based on what I read, I think that if there weren’t charges the accusations should not have been released

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