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It's getting typical after holidays. Columbus Day was just last week and there were record crowds. So expect another spike and spiral this week.

tmilan commented on Looking Back, Oct. 14

"refuse to fill prescriptions based on their personal beliefs" Hence opioid crisis.

This is a good rule if you are looking at a seasonal business that relies on transients to fill in its workforce. It provides housing to the seasonal workforce, tied to their employment. It doesn't detract from the year round housing stock. This creates a factory town atmosphere for year-…

Why does JH Resort get everything it wants? Once you leave the door open, it's hard to close.

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The last SPET had nothing to do with human services. Last year about this time we were reading right here, where in Jackson, people care more about the Arts than human services. 90% of each dollar donated here goes to programs that have nothing to do human services and the human services …

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As government grows they do less. They will find a way to spend every cent that they get. It's like feeding an alcoholic more alcohol to cure their alcoholism. If you believe that eating more will help you lose wait, then you will vote for this tax.

So you are opposed to free and open elections where people are chosen by all who choose to exercise their right to vote? There should be set of qualifications required to be able to run and vote? Are you related to Jim Crow?

In some of the areas hit the hardest, the nursing homes were caught unprepared. This is where the most deaths occurred. Since then they have restricted visitation to just looking through the windows, authorized personnel only, temperature check each employee when they enter the building a…

Yes, that is common sense. But what has common sense have to do what is happening today?

Goes well with the Covid story.

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