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If you ever file a claim when hit by an uninsured driver, yes the insurance company will pay the claim. They will also raise your premiums for filing the claim.

I think he meant a canary, as in the coal mine sense. One person carrying a loaf of salami as the lookout. While he's fighting off the bear, everyone else can get away. Maybe invite your neighborhood environmentalist, they make good bait... I mean lookouts.

His constitutional rights are being violated? Must have written is own constitution. Time to return to home planet.

The resort depends more on Start than any business in the area. Their own fees have been far from static. They gouge people to park there, while providing no employee parking and offer free service to Stilson for all, courtesy of Start Have seen many tourists chiseling away at the drivers…

tmilan commented on Civility, Tolerance and Reason

In short, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself."

tmilan commented on Civility, Tolerance and Reason

Don't understand the purpose of the article. In the neighborhood that I grew up in a good old fashion fist fight and head bashing taught civility and made people your best friend. Forget the new age dialog poop.

This was a freak accident. These suits need to prove a pattern of neglect or a willfull intent to injure. These suits always fail, otherwise there would be no more sports left in America. Ever play football?

Jackson loves a good protest. I always ask the same question, what do these protesters do for work. I can see that guy in the picture has a lot of mouths to feed. Shouldn't he be concerned about making a better living for them?

He'd better hope that Elizabeth Warren gets elected President.

This is the rep from the South Bronx criticizing the living conditions on the southern border? Many of her own constituents would be lucky to have it so well. I haven't heard anything remarkable about anything going in there. The 15% that vote there have to be asking what she has done for…