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They're scavengers and there is a lot to scavenge. The tend to carry rabies, so they will tend to kill of the other animals around them.

The Jackson Hole conference has always been a fiasco and seems to be the metoo movement for investment bankers. A chance to appear, a chance for air-time; who knows what fuels their comments.

Yesterday's markets were fairly benign, even with the addition…

Biggest boondoggle in America.

Forget the Tetons. Viewing the tax bill should keep anyone occupied.

tmilan commented on On guns, religion and gender

The author should be more concerned with law as opposed to religion. A quick read would be District of Columbia v. Heller a Supreme Court case that has defined the Second Amendment. To further the writers ignorance, she chose insinuate the race of the three member panel. If the author wou…

One wild fire away from Paradise, CA.

Name a place that doesn't have a homeless population. People want to dump the issue on police and say here handle it, but they aren't trained to be mental health and social workers.

I guess you partly get it. If you brought this up in Virginia would they automatically act and then legislate? From reading this article which endicts all snowmobilers, you get the impression that this is what people do here for sport. On the other hand you can't come up with a single inc…

Not that I want something like this happening, but assuming that the legislature has more pressing issues on its plate like state wide budget, roads, public health, long list here, I can't see this as a pressing matter since it might not be a Wyoming matter and for all we know, might be t…

One case was tried in a Federal Court and the other was local, right? So your saying that the child porno guy is out already? What is the usual sentence for that type of possession?