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Travis Eva

So, the mask ordinance hasn’t brought the numbers down? Is the health department still maintaining that it’s locals spreading it among themselves, and couldn’t have anything to do with the millions of visitors coming and going that we know next to nothing about? Wearing a mask that filter…

Token Conservative commented on Pond: Growth in cases 'gives me the chills'

Masks and hand washing are creating a false sense of security. The hippy hand driers all over town, proven to blow feces all over, and leave frustrated customers wiping their hands on their pants, now also serve as an air stirring mechanism for airborne particles. Diners from all over the…

The NAG leans so far left they can’t keep their finger off the scale even when it’s an easy presentation of pros and cons. What a shameless slandering of Gloria Courser building a reverse straw man argument in a backhanded fairness fail. The clumsy attempt to use science to lead the reade…

Wydot needs a boss. They’re going to get someone(s) killed by the foolish decisions they’ve made in recent years. The catch net doesn’t work because it’s a fence, not a net—easy fix. The sand shed they’ve ruined twice needs to have the sides plowed clear occasionally, another easy fix. Th…

Token Conservative commented on WYDOT closes Teton Pass to trailer traffic early

That was predictable. Someone from far away piles up their rig on the pass and the local contractors, trying to finish their seasonal work, causing no problems, get punished for it. Thanks wydot, like your failed sandshed, truck arrestor, and incoherent signage, this too is poorly conceiv…

Looks like it did a better job as a truck arrestor than keeping the sand dry. Since wydot can’t figure out a sandshed OR a truck arrestor, maybe they should fill that truck chute full of sand and use it for both.

Token Conservative commented on Log truck caught by Teton Pass truck arrestor

A pickup and trailer hauling logs probably weighs less than 30,000 pounds and went through the thing. What happens when an 80,000 semi goes into it? Guessing the sand shed engineer and truck arrester engineer are the same?

Token Conservative commented on Court: Airport must disclose records

That was predictable. $40,000 paid for bad advice about transparency. Imagine how much it will cost the taxpayer if the monopoly formation advice was just as bad.

Token Conservative commented on Fed workers cope with record shutdown

Meanwhile, the swamp creatures are getting paid, so the standoff continues. As long as someone has a job, they should get a check, but after the dust settles it would be fair to ask why we hire 500,000 non essential government employees.

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