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Tom Hallberg covers a little bit of everything, from skiing to long-form feature stories. A Teton Valley, Idaho, transplant by way of Portland and Bend, Oregon, he spends his time outside work writing fiction, splitboarding and climbing.

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Imagine this: Your young, otherwise healthy dog slows down while on a hike. He might be short of breath; he might cough or even faint.

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Tom Hallberg

Based on your experience with St. John’s Health, what should incoming CEO Will Wagnon build on or take a closer look at once he gets settled into the role?

Tom Hallberg

Thanks for reading, Zach. I want to clarify why there aren't references to studies that show masks have little to no benefit. I strive to include the most complete scientific information in my articles, and the vast majority of studies done pre- and post-COVID show that even cloth masks h…

Tom Hallberg

Tom Hallberg commented on Construction to close Maple Way

Hi Reid, sorry that this is unclear. It is a file photo from 2016. I've updated the caption to reflect that and, again, sorry that was unclear. — TH

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