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Anne Vallery

Interesting that the realtor claims the sale will ultimately help the community - through jobs for maintenance person, landscaper, etc. Unfortunately, they won't have any place they can afford to live.

I don't understand why facial coverings aren't being required to enter a business. It's known that if everyone is wearing one it substantially decreases the possibility of infection.

valleryanne commented on Wyoming reels in wolf hunting quotas

I'm trying to understand wolf hunting. What do the hunters do with the dead wolves?

valleryanne commented on Wolves gained savvy, avoiding hunters

I'm curious - what do you do with a dead wolf?

valleryanne commented on Commission: Griz hunt is a go

It's hard to understand why anyone thinks this is a good idea? What's the point of killing them?

I would be thrilled to think that the GOP platform would actually include a commitment to conservation. I’m not sure how that will be possible given the current administration and the dismantling of so many environmental protections and safeguards.

Steve Bannon is encouraging "returning civility" to politics? That's so ludicrous I'm not sure how to react. It's like we're living in a different dimension.

valleryanne commented on Hunters down a dozen wolves

I'm curious about what they do with a wolf once they've killed it - do they eat the meat? Use the fur for a coat? What is the point of killing one?

valleryanne commented on Grizzly delisting is complete

If this results in a bear hunt, I think the recent brouhaha over the removal of the Trump photo in Town Hall is nothing compared to what you'll see then. Tourists come to see wildlife, and as you hunt it down - they'll stop coming.

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